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March 25, 2014

Clear in Paris
Clea B., account executive for Adobe Media Optimizer, explores Paris

Adobe is an industry leader in the Digital Marketing space with double digit revenue growth rate for its Marketing Cloud. To support this growth, the Digital Marketing business unit continues to hire exceptional talent. Clea B. is one of the many new faces who has joined the Adobe Media Optimizer team—Media Optimizer is one of the six solutions in Adobe’s Marketing Cloud—in the past 18 months and she’s based in Australia. Adobe Life recently caught up with Clea and in this interview, she shares with us her unique background and how she decided on her career path.

Adobe Life: What do you do at Adobe?
Clea B.: I joined Adobe in June last year as an account assistant on the Adobe Media Optimizer team. I’m responsible for helping clients manage and improve their search engine marketing strategies.

Adobe Life: You have only been here for 9 months and have already been promoted to an account executive. What do you think has made you successful?
CB: I came from a PR background which helped me build strong communication skills. Pitching stories to journalists is a bit like working as a street performer juggling flames. You have five seconds to engage the crowd’s interest and then keep that interest alive without accidentally setting yourself on fire. To do so, you need to understand your audience and what they want from the performer. Understanding who your client is (for example, are they detailed oriented or do they prefer a top-level strategic approach?) and tailoring your communication strategies to fit those needs is a powerful way to help get your message heard. Only when a client feels confident that you truly understand their needs and their goals, are you able to establish a strong relationship.

Adobe Life: Tell us about your team here at Adobe.
CB: My team at Adobe are some of the best people I have ever worked with. We’re like a melting pot of cultures with people from countries all over the world. They are intelligent, collaborative, stimulating and, most importantly, they take Friday’s beer-o-clock very seriously.

Adobe Life: We hear that you have had an interesting background prior to joining Adobe. Can you please share with us your previous work experiences?
CB: While completing my Master’s degree, I worked on consulting projects for Deloitte, Vodafone and Habitat for Humanity before joining a London-based PR agency called ING Media. A year later, I moved to Munich to join as the international PR manager. In this role, I gained a passion for data-driven marketing and decided to make a career change to explore Search Engine Marketing (SEM). During the transition, I also spent a few months volunteering as a research analyst for the United Nations.

Adobe Life: What is something you love to do, outside of work that we don’t know about you?
CB: I am obsessed with travel and love learning new languages. I speak Italian and after a glass of wine will also attempt some garbled mutterings in French and Spanish. I spent the last five years of my life living and studying in Italy, Spain, France, the UK and Germany. Moving to a foreign country where you don’t know anyone and creating a new life, new traditions and new friends is one of the most liberating and exhilarating experiences.

Clea traveling in Italy
Clea vacationing in Italy
Clea sailing in Greece
Clea enjoying the crystal blue waters in Greece









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