EMEA Feature

Mentorship and Networking for Women at Adobe

April 8, 2014


When Katrin looks back at the 16 years she’s been with Adobe, the words ‘flexibility’ and ‘growth’ come to mind.

“I’ve always had the opportunity to grow my career,” Katrin mentions. “As the company continues to transform, you are given the resources to develop yourself.”

Katrin attributes a huge part of her success at Adobe to networking and communication. “I think it’s important to get yourself a mentor, a person you can trust and whose opinion you value,” Katrin says. “It’s also important to build your network.”

On that note, Katrin leads the Adobe & Women program in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where she’s dedicated towards helping other women grow within the company. For Katrin, the Adobe & Women program offers networking, training and mentorship opportunities. “It’s a great forum especially for new colleagues to build their network and to get connected with other women at Adobe,” she says. “It also facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences.”

Katrin’s career advice: “Be flexible, keep learning, cease opportunities when they come along, and find yourself a mentor who provides advice and support in pursuing your career aspirations. Don’t forget to also speak about your successes so others can learn from them.”

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