MBA interns make an impact on Adobe Experience Manager

April 9, 2014

Loni Kao, director of product marketing for Adobe Experience Manager, speaking to an audience of digital marketers.

In a competitive, multiscreen, mobile world, it’s not easy for brands to keep their customers engaged for the long haul. But that’s Loni Kao’s job.

Loni is the director of product marketing for Adobe Experience Manager, which helps brands create, manage, and optimize digital customer experiences on every channel—web, mobile, and social—to build demand and customer loyalty.

Loni has been with Adobe for more than 13 years, and she has built up a team that loves the challenge of moving into a new technology space and figuring out how to build a product that delivers exactly what customers need. For the last several years, MBA interns have been critical members of that team.

“I like the dynamic that interns add to the team,” Loni says. “Having someone new on the team with a fresh perspective is really important, and I always value interns who step up and deliver more than expected.”

When hiring interns, Loni looks for MBA interns with a software, consulting, or marketing background. Her goal is to give the interns a great experience and test out their skills for possible employment later. MBA students, she says, are ideal because they’re accustomed to the rigorous thought processes necessary when analyzing opportunities and go-to-market strategy.

They also have more experience with data analysis—a critical skill in the era of big data. “There’s a lot of data available and it’s easier than ever to get ahold of it, but being able to look at it and derive good insights is important.”

Loni’s first MBA intern ended up running product management for a $200 million Adobe product. Another MBA intern has presented to analysts on Adobe’s behalf. Several have contributed to Experience Manager’s high double-digit growth over the last few years—and many have been hired into full-time positions with Adobe.

“I want people who are passionate and proactive,” Loni says. “That doesn’t mean they have to know what they want to do 20 years from now, but no matter what they do, they tackle it with passion and proactiveness.”

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