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Transforming and building a world class services organization

June 10, 2014

Venkat & Adobe AGS Managers

Adobe Global Services (AGS) is rapidly expanding its footprint in India and to understand what’s fueling the growth, we sat down with Venkat S., senior director of AGS India. Venkat shares with us an insight into the exciting things happening at AGS.

Adobe Life: What capabilities and functions are a part of AGS?
Venkat: Over the past couple of years, AGS in India has been rapidly building capabilities and functions that deliver value to customers from pre-sales to post-sales, be it solutions consulting, value positioning, consulting delivery, customer support and renewals and retention. Today, every single function that makes up the entire AGS ecosystem has its presence in India.

Adobe Life: What does this mean for the talent in the various AGS teams and for the larger AGS organization?
Venkat: For our team, this presents exciting career opportunities and growth. A customer support professional, for example, could, over the years, enrich his or her experience through career movements into consulting delivery, solutions consulting or even engineering.

Adobe Life: What are the key focus areas for AGS this year?
Venkat:  There are a few transformational initiatives and business strategies that are driving the growth in AGS this year. With the growing Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud subscriber base, delivering an exceptional customer experience becomes the key to customer retention. The customer support organization can no longer be a transactional support organization, it has to transform itself into a customer relationship organization driving usage, adoption, delivering increased customer value and retention.

In line with this transformation, the customer support organization in India is expanding its talent and capabilities across both Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud solutions. For a customer support professional, the experience and learning opportunities are immense—driving the adoption of SaaS and cloud delivery model, simplifying the customer interaction touch points and business work-flows, driving knowledge management best practices and so on.

Adobe Life: Leading this transformation must really be exciting. What does it mean personally to you?
Venkat: Yes, it’s very exciting. I have had the opportunity to build and lead several services functions from enterprise software support, SaaS and hosted services delivery, to large managed services operations and professional services centers of excellence over the past few years of my career. But, the opportunity at Adobe is perhaps the most exciting of all. Services can truly be a differentiator in creating value for our customers and the organization. There is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the services functions and accomplish this objective and make an impact. And, I’m excited to be a part of it and to be driving the change.

Adobe Life: Lastly, can you share with us what qualities you look for when hiring?
Venkat: The top qualities that I look for in a new hire are:

  • High learning agility – a passion to quickly acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Customer centricity – demonstrating responsiveness, ownership and as a result establishing credibility with customers as a trusted advisor
  • Driver and risk taker – results orientated and the willingness to take calculated risks
  • High EQ – high self-awareness and adaptability to change

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