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Endless opportunities at Adobe

June 18, 2014

Takako (left) with her colleague and Donna Morris, SVP People & Places

Meet one of Adobe’s most loyal employees in Japan, Takako K., People Resources Business Partner, who has been with Adobe for more than 23 years. Adobe Life caught up with Takako to learn about her career journey of endless opportunities at Adobe.

Adobe Life: Tell us how you first landed your job at Adobe and what positions you have held during your time here.

Takako: I initially started as a temporary employee to cover for someone who was on leave. I then had the opportunity to join Adobe full time as a People Resources Assistant. A few years later, I transferred to the engineering team as an Administration Assistant but then decided to return to the People Resources organization. During my career at Adobe, I had the chance to work in various groups and held different roles including a Generalist, Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Talent Selection and Training. My current role is a Business Partner.

Adobe Life: What are the reasons why you’ve decided to stay with Adobe for more than two decades? 

Takako: Above all, I am very blessed to have wonderful managers and colleagues, not only in Japan but all the colleagues around the world who make the Adobe family. As Adobe’s business has been evolving and transforming in the past several years, it created new challenging opportunities that encouraged me to keep growing, learning, and experiencing the Adobe life. I truly enjoy being part of this organization that cares about its employees. I feel proud to be working at Adobe.

Adobe Life: What has been the most exciting achievement or event in your career journey with Adobe?

Takako: We recently introduced the new “Leadership Success” program that helps employees to flourish as leaders. But prior to this program, I was engaged in conducting a people manager training called “Management Essentials” and “Adobe Business Leadership Program” for Japan. As both programs were developed in our headquarters, we had to do a lot of preparation including translating the content, arranging external speakers and setting up the venue. Both programs were intensive but it was very rewarding when I could see all  participants’ positive reaction and feedback about how invaluable the learnings were that they could leverage immediately. And, I look forward to being a key partner locally as we launch the new program in Japan.

Adobe Life: What do you like the most about Adobe?

Takako: Being able to work with cutting-edge technologies and surrounded by brilliant people.

Adobe Life: What is something you love to do outside of work that people may not know about you?

Takako: I enjoy swimming, running and being active. One thing that no one probably knows about me is the fact that I am a certified aerobics instructor. I got my certification during college when I was working part time at a gym.

Adobe Life: What do you look forward to next at Adobe?

Takako: Adobe is expanding a program for female employees worldwide called “Adobe & Women” that focuses on creating an environment to support the growth and development of global women leaders. As I am a project member for Japan, I am very much looking forward to launching the program here!

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