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Interns meet the CEO, “Challenge Conventions and Make an Impact”

June 18, 2014

meet the CEOExcited by what was to come, more than 150 interns from Adobe’s San Jose and San Francisco offices filed into the conference room, eagerly awaiting the arrival of CEO Shantanu Narayen. Joined by their peers from the Lehi, Seattle, and New York offices, this year’s intern class was eager to learn from the company’s executive. In what has become a staple of the Adobe summer intern experience, Narayen spoke as a friend, as a visionary, and as the leader of the company. He shared his thoughts on the current state of the business and cast a vision for the future.

As he spoke about the dramatic changes that have occurred not just among product offerings, but throughout the company, Narayen remarked, “We have to innovate in every part of the business process—not just to thrive but to survive.” When prompted further about the constant need for change within the company—and specifically how he felt about the “risk” he took when shifting from a boxed software business to a subscription-based model—he explained that calculated change is not really a risk. He explained, “The biggest risk occurs when a company is trying to preserve the status quo, instead of embracing change. “

With that, Narayan encouraged interns to challenge conventions and to make an impact this summer. Looking beyond their internships, Narayen encouraged the interns to pursue their passions—both on and off the job. “It was interesting to hear Shantanu speak about being passionate and making time for what matters in life,” Payal B., an MBA candidate working for the Office of People & Places Consulting team remarked, “I guess this event proves that interns matter… even to the CEO.”

As parting advice to the interns on how to make this summer a valuable experience, Narayen said that each intern should strive to learn and contribute each day.

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Great post. I am looking for an internship with Adobe and found this. I’m doing an internship in Miami and we had the same meeting with our CEO. This is such a great thing for the company and new talent. Great job. I also forwarded this post to my people where I’m currently on. Greetings.