Creating Change in Communities

June 25, 2014

Marian_BIMEmployeesAdobe employees share an incredible passion for service, one that transcends background, career field and interests. Some immerse themselves in the world of education and youth empowerment, while others defend the environment and the critters who inhabit it. For all, being involved in the community has been both challenging and captivating. As this year’s Be Involved Month comes to a close, we want to highlight a few of Adobe’s most involved employees and the causes they lead.

Chen Z., Administrative Assistant based in Beijing
Chen predominantly works with the Angel’s Mom Foundation, a grassroots organization that gives orphans medical treatment; and Ren Ai Foundation, which funds relief and assistance for the poor.

While working with kids in both foundations, Chen says that it’s difficult to contain her emotions. “The volunteers are very touched when we hear [the children’s] stories and realize their real situations,” she said. Remarking on the difficult circumstances many of the kids come from, as well as the positive attitudes they maintain, Chen says it’s incredible simply seeing them smile.

“Every day, I read blogs of charities to know what they are doing and some news or events,” she said. “I found out the program of Free Lunch via a blog last year, and after a proposal review, Adobe funded them. Bravo!”

Lisa K., Director of Operations, Legal based in San JoseLISAKONIE2
Lisa has volunteered for 16 years at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, a non-profit dedicated to caring for wildlife and educating the community about wildlife-related issues. She is also one of the center’s team captains, who are in charge of instructing and assisting new volunteers.

From feeding baby hummingbirds in her office to watching an injured Bald Eagle fly off after a year of treatment, Lisa  has been there from beginning to end. For her, volunteering at the Wildlife Center has been an incredible way to give animals a second chance in an environment we’ve severely damaged.

As the non-profit runs purely off of grassroots donations, Lisa is extremely thankful for the continual support of her co-workers and the company. From the Volunteer Grants and Matching Grants programs to donations of old t-shirts for the animals, Adobe has enabled and empowered her to be involved.

Gaurav B., Senior Lead Quality Engineer based in Noida, India
Gaurav has primarily worked with the Adobe Youth Voices program. He also previously taught Photoshop and related media programs with a non-governmental organization called SaiKripa, which provides food, education and a loving environment for homeless children.

For Gaurav, teaching the kids Photoshop has helped him practice and strengthen his own skills. “The entire journey has been mesmerizing,” he said, “especially when we reach the completion of a video or project.” As he works with kids, Gaurav says the experience of helping someone and seeing such efforts bear fruit has kept him going. He remains dedicated to teaching children invaluable software skills.

Franziska H., Employee Resource Center Generalist based in Munich

Franziska has been involved with the Arch, a non-profit organization empowering children from lower-
income and unemployed households. The Arch offers creative workshops, informational sessions and professional resources for students and their parents.

Volunteering in the community has made Franziska realize there’s more to Adobe than just a job. In particular, she’s been amazed by how many of her colleagues dedicate themselves to service projects around the area, despite their heavy workloads. Seeing this dedication reminds her how great it is to create change together and give back.

At Adobe we believe in the power of creativity to inspire positive change. Learn more about Adobe Corporate Responsibility.