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What a trip! Adobe interns visit the Emerald Isle

July 9, 2014

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Not all internships offer valuable, hands-on, real-world experience. Even fewer give interns those benefits plus the chance to travel the world.

This summer at Adobe, two interns in revenue operations in San Jose, California got the opportunity to travel to Adobe’s Dublin office to see how the company runs its international operations. Jordan R. and Jonathan B. traveled with their manager to get a taste for just how massive Adobe’s global presence is.

They attended meetings with regional team members, getting a deeper understanding of this part of Adobe’s business. But it wasn’t all work; Jordan and Jonathan took plenty of time to explore some of Dublin’s famous tourist spots. They visited the Oval Office pub where the walls are covered with memorabilia signed by past U.S. Presidents. They ate fish and chips and took in World Cup matches with locals. They even hit up the Guinness Storehouse, attended a tour, and enjoyed a pint at the 7th floor gravity bar that overlooks the city—giving them the proper expertise to weigh in on a critical international matter. “Yes,” Jordan says, “the Guinness does taste better in Ireland.”

While working at Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose has already made for an unforgettable learning experience, they admit that this bonus trip to the Emerald Isle takes the cake. “Traveling to Dublin and getting a glimpse into Adobe’s international operations will be a highlight of my summer internship,” says Jonathan. “It was the most memorable experience that I am truly thankful for.”

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