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Interns take advantage of Adobe’s Summer Break

July 16, 2014

While their friends at other companies work the duration of their internships with little to no time off, interns at Adobe are given the opportunity to take a break from their exciting projects for a week off to relax and recharge.

Yes, Adobe’s week-long summer shutdown is one of the best perks of working at the company. It’s an entire week where all North America offices are closed. Employees get to unwind with no emails, conference calls or impending project deadlines. With all that freedom, it’s no wonder Adobe interns spent time touring the globe, volunteering in different communities, and spending time with friends new and old! Check out how these interns took advantage of their time off.

Enjoying Russian architecture
David N., San Francisco Intern – For the shutdown vacation, David decided to go to Moscow. He has always been interested in Russian history and culture and was delighted by the opportunity to travel to Russia. Moscow is a city that successfully combines wonderfully preserved historical architecture with everything a modern city has to offer. During his trip he traveled to the most important place in the city, the Kremlin, which is amongst other things the residence of the Russian President. He then visited the Red Square, which also contains the Lenin Mausoleum and the magnificent St. Basil’s Cathedral with its bulbous towers. Some of the other sights visited were the beautiful Gorky Park, located by the banks of the Moskva River, and the Tretyakov Gallery where you can witness the works of giants such as Kandinsky, Chagall and Malevich.

“Moscow captured my imagination and I look forward to visiting it again in the near future…perhaps next shutdown!” – David N.

Breathtaking Yosemite
Tuur S., San Jose Intern – Tuur spent the shutdown week driving through California with his girlfriend who came to visit all the way from Belgium. They drove down to Yosemite National Park and saw some of the breathtaking nature that America has to offer. And then continued their journey to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

“We had a great time visiting the lake but we took a break at the nearest sports bar to watch the Belgium-US world cup soccer game. Wearing our Belgian uniforms we cheered our team to victory! (sorry America). The entire trip was a great experience!” – Tuur S.

Soaking in some history
Ashley N., San Jose Intern – This year, Ashley’s family reunion was held in Washington DC so for the first time since 2004, she headed out to the east coast. She drove everywhere from the Hamptons to NYC, and from Philadelphia where they saw Independence Hall, to various parts of Virginia. While exploring the sites around DC, whether they were visiting a Smithsonian, Mt. Vernon, or the Library of Congress, the word that kept coming to Ashley’s mind was “incredible.” The buildings themselves were incredibly beautiful. The history that each held was even more so.

“Our packed week ended on the Capitol’s West Lawn where we celebrated Independence Day. There were live performances and of course an incredible fireworks display. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend Fourth of July.” – Ashley N.

Nick and the Great Buddha statue in Japan
Nick C., San Jose Intern – While Nick’s friends were finishing up their vacations, Nick decided to take his manager up on an offer to learn more about Adobe’s international operations. On the Thursday afternoon of Adobe shutdown week, he embarked on a week-long trip to Adobe’s office in Gate City Ohsaki, Japan with his manager, Jonathan. “This was my first time to Japan, and I am so happy Adobe gave me the opportunity to travel abroad, experience international business, and immerse myself in another culture,” Nick said. Nick and Jonathan landed in Japan on Friday evening so they were able to spend the weekend sightseeing. They met up with a few employees from the Japan office and went to Kamakura, a city rich with Japanese history. From temples and statues to gardens and food, they experienced some of the hallmarks of Japanese culture all in a day. A couple weekend highlights for Nick were the Great Buddha statue, which is depicted in the picture, and the incredible sushi restaurant they went to on Saturday night. “After delving into twelve pieces of the freshest fish ever tasted, my hope for having great sushi on this trip was far surpassed,” Nick mentioned. During the week, Nick and Jonathan spent the majority of the day at Adobe’s office. Nick was not only able to review sales orders and complete contract review forms for deals pertaining to the region, but he was also able to sit in on meetings and conference calls with his manager.

“I could not have imagined an internship experience where I would be able to travel abroad and actually work hands on with key contributors in the region.” – Nick C.

Spending quality time with Dad
Becca B., San Jose Intern – As a native of northern New Jersey, being located in San Jose for the summer has Becca a bit of a ways from home. But when her dad flew to the West Coast for Adobe’s summer shutdown, she had a reminder of home even though she was 3,000 miles away. Becca and her dad rented a car and drove to Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, the Hearst Castle, and even up to Napa. Her favorite part was going kayaking in Monterey, as they were lucky enough to see dolphins and seals up close!

“I loved having the opportunity to explore a region that had previously been so unfamiliar to me”. – Becca B.

Celebrating Canada Day with a new lens
Mayank K., Ottawa Intern – During the week-long summer shutdown break, Mayank was able to experience Canada Day, the country’s biggest annual birthday celebration on July 1st.

“I was excited to attend the event with my newly purchased Nikon D5200 DSLR camera. I love to call myself a Shutterbug. So, armed with my camera gear, I explored all the city had to offer. The giant patriotic party on the lawns of Parliament Hill, Major’s Hill Park, Jacques Cartier Park and on the closed streets of downtown was a mesmerizing experience! The crazy crowd soaked in red outfits reminded me of the bright Adobe logo. My favorite part of the event was the evening music show featuring a stellar lineup of Canadian performers.” – Mayank K.