Asia Feature

Not Your Typical Hobby

August 19, 2014

Sameer C. has developed a rhythm that makes it easy for him to combine work and hobby.

Flight is the stuff of human dreams, literally and figuratively. And while many of us enjoy air travel pretty regularly, we’re not so much exhilarated by the experience as we are annoyed by all of its hassles.

That’s why Sameer C., a senior developer based in Adobe’s Sydney office, is spending less time on his hobby of flying single-engine propeller planes and focusing instead on a more rustic experience of flight: hang gliding.

“There’s no machine,” Sameer says. “It’s quiet and you’re just floating.”

Sameer had been a fan of aerobatics when he was flying planes. But flying planes is an expensive, time-consuming hobby. It’s far more regulated, and you have to pay for fuel and book time at small airports in advance.

So when he discovered hang gliding, Sameer also got back in touch with his reason for flying in the first place: not to master the natural world as an adrenaline junkie in a complex, manmade machine, but to become more in tune with it—to feel, quite simply, what it is to be a bird.

Once you hang glide, you don’t want to come back down.

“If you’re flying around Australia, there’s nothing between you and the beautiful earth,” Sameer says. “The higher you go, the more secure you feel. It’s peaceful and you’re not afraid of anything. I can’t even describe the feeling.”

Sameer joined Adobe in 2010 and has developed a rhythm to his life that makes it easy to combine work and hobby.

“There are always times when you have things to do at work and you can’t take time off,” Sameer says. “But I have never had a time where I had to really compromise my personal life. I can work from anywhere. I can even work in the evenings and go flying in the mornings.”