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Adobe Wellness Program Makes a Splash with Interns

August 20, 2014

Russian River

Beyond receiving engaging projects to work on throughout the summer, there are many reasons to love being an Adobe intern. One of the interns’– and fulltime employees’– favorite component of the Adobe culture is the emphasis on wellness. This focus on wellness is all encompassing and includes initiatives to enhance the quality of life for each employee when it comes to physical, psychological, and social wellbeing. As a wellness initiative, Adobe provides each employee with $360 “Wellness Dollars” to be used on a variety of services from gym memberships and fitness counseling to massages, kick boxing, and even snowboarding!

SJ Rock ClimbingTo make it easier for our interns to utilize their wellness dollars while getting to know one another, the university team sponsored several wellness social events at each of our San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, and Lehi offices. The wellness sponsored activities included rock climbing and kayaking at each of the sites.

In addition to the sponsored events, interns were free to use their wellness dollars as they pleased. Many took part in the Adobe Fitness program, using their dollars to purchase 50 percent off FitBit devices. To bolster support of the FitBit initiative, interns were entered into an Active Minutes Challenge, where the top three interns received $150 Nike gift cards. Others seized the opportunity to relax with a deep tissue massage and yoga, while the more strategic interns used their summers to improve their golf and tennis games with free lessons.

Adobe takes its wellness program very seriously for employees at all stages in their career. We value wellness so much that a fulltime intern was tasked with evaluating Adobe’s wellness strategy. Payal B., an MBA intern on the People & Places Consulting Team, has been taking a closer look at the program, and she believes Adobe has one of the most comprehensive programs out there. She remarked, “I had no idea of the kinds of things I would uncover when I started researching Adobe’s initiatives. They have on-site dry cleaning, car detailing, and haircuts! They really care about their employees and go out of their way to make lives easier.”

While everyone was free to use their wellness dollars as they pleased, one thing is for certain—these wellness dollars definitely made a splash with this year’s interns!

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