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Meet Mohini, Adobe India’s First Female Director

August 27, 2014


We had the opportunity of catching up with Mohini K., who also happens to be the first female director at Adobe India. Through hard work and perseverance, she has a fantastic story to narrate, let’s hear from her.

Adobe Life: You started your career with Adobe in July 2008, and today you’re the first female director here in India. How does that feel?

Mohini: Six years ago when I joined Adobe, I had only one ambition, which was to make a mark for myself. I wanted people to know me through my work and appreciate me. As I fast forward and reflect on my transformation, I am thrilled. It is awesome that I am not only a Director but the first female director in Adobe India. Wow!

Adobe Life: You have been an advocate for scaling the business and the Customer Care support program is witness to this fact. What is your secret sauce to success?

Mohini: There is no secret sauce. When I was young, I read somewhere that there is no shortcut to success. I have always followed this motto. Being a firm believer in karma, I have also always put my best in all that I do.

Adobe Life: As a recipient of the Adobe Founder’s Award and someone who is recognized for living the Adobe values, how do you inspire your team as a director?

Mohini: The best part about Adobe is its people. We are in an age where the ever changing needs are only constant. I urge my team to think beyond the regular—put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and think about what they would want from us; change a good experience to a fabulous one for our customers; be loud and proud about what we do and work on constantly reinventing ourselves.

Adobe Life: Being a woman in India has its challenges, but you have proven that a successful career as a woman in the competitive technology space is achievable. What is your message to women who aspire to take up leadership positions in the future?

Mohini: From my experience, I have noticed that things work out well for those who make the best out of any given situation. If you want something, strive for it. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

Adobe Life: What is your next goal at Adobe?

Mohini: Our customers absolutely love our products. Our efforts at Adobe are focused on creating a seamless experience for our customers and my goal for the support team is to help build that Adobe magic, one customer at a time!

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Mohini, LOADS of Wishes to you. Fantastic to hear that you are leading “Centre of Excellence” now. Hope you still remember me.

Mradul, :- Ex Acrobat Support Team member..

Your confidence, conviction, go getter attitude and infectious smile together inspires us many ways each day!