Meet Our Ambassadors

January 7, 2015

Adobe Ambassadors-2What does it take to be an ambassador? A natural talent for forming connections and building community around your passion.

In 2014, we asked a select group of employees to take part in a new Adobe Ambassador program. Their task? To simply do more of what they were already excelling at: connecting with people both inside and outside Adobe to foster community and tell the Adobe story from their own perspective.

In their new role, the ambassadors have been busy talking to customers on social media, expanding their networks, taking part in company events and programs, testing social sharing apps, and having fun. Yes, they are socially active. But more than that, they are dedicated customer advocates, passionate about technology, personal risk-takers, and natural storytellers.

Meet them — in their own words:

Ashu Mittal

Ashu Mittal

About: I am currently working as a senior program manager in the Acrobat group. I have been with Adobe for nine years now and started out by managing beta programs for several Adobe products, including Acrobat. My stint in the beta program management team gave me a deep appreciation for customer interaction and customer focus. I am also a keen photography enthusiast and started dabbling in social media as a way to engage with customers and share my photography work.

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One word that describes me: Observer

One word that describes my #AdobeLife: Nurtured

I first got social… in 2007 when I joined Twitter. It was pretty quiet back then. I started tweeting in earnest in 2009, when Twitter was buzzing with activity and taking the online world by storm 140 characters at a time.

I’m currently obsessed with… Twitter and Instagram.

Social media means… instant information, participation, networking, impactful, removing boundaries.

As an Adobe ambassador…I feel privileged to be able to combine my love for Adobe products and social media. This program has opened up a world of opportunities for me. In October, I was one of two ambassadors selected to attend the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles to evangelize the Adobe story. At MAX, our charter was to be social correspondents, providing live insights and sharing the latest and greatest innovations in our own voices on our social media channels. Given my social media presence, I have been invited to the Creative Cloud launch events for a few years now, but attending the Holy Grail of creative events—Adobe MAX—was an entirely different experience. For people who care about numbers, there were roughly 6,000 attendees in person at MAX, and between the two correspondents, our 1,000+ tweets generated 4.3 million impressions. An additional 1.2 million impressions were generated from the mentions and retweets, leading to a whopping 5.5 million impressions!

I have been tweeting about our products for seven years now, and people have started recognizing my association with the Adobe brand. Every now and then, my followers will direct a Lightroom or Adobe query towards me, and it feels great to be able to help out a customer in real time, and build social currency in return. Now with the Adobe Ambassadors program, it feels wonderful to have a platform to connect with other employees who share this passion, learn from their experiences, and build our own personal brand along the way.

Justin MassJustin Mass

About: I’m the head of digital learning innovation on the Global Talent Development team. We create learning experiences to help you get better: better at what you do, better at being you—building better employees, managers, and leaders. I believe we all have a personal responsibility to the success of Adobe. In social channels, you can listen to the sentiment of our customers and learn what’s working for them and where they need help. When you feel like you’re an owner, you want to help customers in any way that you can. I try to engage customers every week, sharing resources to help them learn more about the Adobe products and services that are important to them.

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One word that describes me: Learning

One word that describes my #AdobeLife: Digital

I first got social… with Friendster and Myspace, and then in 2005 when Facebook first started to heat up on campus when I was in grad school.

I’m currently obsessed with… I really like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but my favorite these days is really SoundCloud.

Social media means… connection, exploration, and learning.

As an Adobe ambassador… I think it’s important to feel connected — to each other, our customers, and the mission of Adobe to change the world through digital experiences. The more connected we feel, the more meaning there is behind our relationships and the work we do.

I really like the Adobe Ambassador program because it’s bringing together like-minded people, employees willing to go the extra mile to advance Adobe’s mission. Being a remote employee, I use my social channels as my virtual water cooler to fulfill my need to feel connected. With the simple tools for sharing, ambassadors can easily amplify important social campaigns without wasting too much time authoring. While I prefer to customize my updates, the tools are very easy to use as a starting place.

Being an Adobe ambassador isn’t just about being active in social media (though it’s an obvious place to do that); it’s really more about believing in this great company, believing in the future of creativity and data, and knowing that we power some of the most incredible artists and professionals in the world through our work. It’s about believing that we’re connected to what we see our customers produce every day with our tools, believing in it so much that we’re willing to go above and beyond to delight our customers no matter where we sit in the organization.

Elaine Finnell

Elaine Finnell

About: I’m a software quality developer with the Web Platform and Authoring team. Our larger team has been focused on releasing new products relating to web designers and developers, including Extract, Brackets, and browsers, so we as a department try to broaden our reach via social media with our users. I’m also San Francisco’s Action Team Leader, which means that I advocate for volunteerism at our site, partnering with local nonprofits, neighboring businesses, Adobe executives, and our employees to encourage the Adobe value of “Involved.”

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One word that describes me: Committed

One word that describes my #AdobeLife: Everywhere

I first got social… I’ve had a Facebook and Twitter account for years, but I only started sharing on social media (Twitter) openly at the beginning of 2014. I wrote about the experience here:

I’m currently obsessed with… engaging with creative people on Twitter.

Social media means…

  • Sharing the wealth of your life and experience
  • Recognizing that you (as an individual) can be a voice of change and advocacy
  • People can learn about what it means to have a career in tech
  • Supporting one another as we shift the tide of society
  • Issues that we care about can get some airtime
  • It can mean a reminder of what life is truly about — not just work and play, but also about love, loss, and healing.

As an Adobe ambassador… I’ve begun to get to know a larger variety of people around the company. Twitter has given me the opportunity to chat with people I would have never had an opportunity to otherwise (due to geography or work roles), and it’s meant more in-person meetings with people from both inside and outside my department and business unit.

I also know this networking has paid off in business contacts and in being able to keep in touch with users who work with products I’ve used in the past. Because of my growth in this area, I’ve been given an opportunity to work with yet another 1.0 product, with additional responsibilities (on top of quality) to help build a community around the product! I’m passionate about creating community wherever I go, so having a chance to do so within the context of the larger Adobe community is a natural extension.