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It’s All Play at Bring Your Kids to Work Day!

July 22, 2015

Bring Your Kids to work

The cow didn’t quite jump over the moon but he did leap 26 floors to join in Adobe Sydney’s annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day celebration. This annual event’s attendance continues to increase to the point that our Sydney office can barely contain the boundless energy of our several dozen little guests. Bring Your Kids to Work Day was a special event for both the parents and children at Adobe. The main attraction was the kiddy farm, featuring animals like cow, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs, that children were able to play and cuddle with. Face painting was another hit, with tigers, turtles and fairies emerging from artistic encounters with our face painter. And, of course, the day was not complete without a confounding magic show and an enchanting visit from Elsa, the magical queen from Frozen. As weary, sugar-filled kids headed home at the end of the day, Adobe’s Australia and New Zealand managing director, Chris Skelton, was left to ponder about next year and admitted, “I think we need a bigger venue.” Thanks to everyone for sharing a great day with these Adobe kids!