Giving Back to our Future

November 12, 2015

Randy, pictured in the center, spends his time with student in the Year Up program in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Adobe’s former Sr. Engineering Manager of Digital Imaging, Randy R. is constantly thinking up ways to enable creative minds to express themselves through the use of our products. As he approaches his fourteenth year with Adobe, Randy has a number of 1.0 projects under his belt that have allowed for a startup-like environment within the corporate setting. This has led to the creation of products like Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Pass, and Adobe Encore which can all be attributed to the hard work of Randy and the teams he has worked on. Randy’s most recent project is Vibe, the mobile video creation app which is now available in the iOS app store.

Randy’s newest creative endeavor has led him to join our Corporate Responsibility organization as the head engineer for Project 1324, a creative social network that connects youth with individuals, media outlets, and resources that support their interests and passions. However, his support of youth and their creative development exceeds Adobe’s boundaries. In his free time, Randy is exposing the youth in his community to the tech world.Youth Impact HUB

Randy offers knowledge and mentorship at local and nationwide programs that provide technical skills and real-life experiences to students.

One program in particular that Randy is heavily invested in is Hack the Hood, an Oakland-based organization that exposes under served youth to careers in technology. Students of Hack the Hood are given the experience to create websites for small local businesses. Each student is paired with a mentor, like Randy, who provides direction, feedback and professional insight to help strengthen their technical skills. Whether it be effective Search Engine Optimization practices, analytic analysis or social media marketing, Hack the Hood teaches valuable lessons for staying current in today’s tech savvy world.

While not all of the students who come through Hack the Hood move on to pursue technical careers, Randy stresses that just being able to provide a glimpse into the tech world and mentorship is a huge step in creating greater diversity in the workplace.

Hack the Hood is also expanding! It’s opening locations in 5 more cities across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Randy’s efforts don’t stop there. This fall, he is also working with another organization, TEALS, to bring computer science classes to public high schools. The best part: he will be going back to his Alma mater in East Oakland to do it.

When asked about his hobbies outside of work and mentoring, Randy says that these programs are his hobbies and passion. “I grew up in East Oakland and was fortunate to have people help me. Working with local youth media organization, like United Roots, brings it all together, so I am happy to do the same.”

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So happy to read this article, especially having the honor of working with Randy in the past. Not only is he sharp and able to successfully lead large teams, but he truly believes in giving back and has a heart of gold. Randy embodies Adobe’s core values and I’m glad to see him taking a lead role in Project1234!