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In the Know with Akshay Bharadwaj

March 8, 2016


Meet Akshay Bharadwaj, Senior Product Manager of Core Technologies and Products at Adobe. As an eLearning product manager, Akshay oversees products such as, Captivate, Presenter and Presenter Video Express, all developed to make creative processes as simple as possible for users. Today, Akshay talks to us about his most recent endeavor, Adobe KnowHow, an online resource that offers World Class courses in creative, programming and business skills.

Tell us about your experiences at Adobe thus far.

It has been an amazing journey with Adobe for me. I have been part of products across various stages of their life cycle – launching a new idea to a product, growing new products to scale, managing mature products and even killing existing products.

What do you love most about working at Adobe?

The freedom to express myself, be it in creating new products or making existing products more successful.

What’s the best kept secret about Adobe?

The culture. We have a lot of passionate employees who are aggressive in making their products successful and are yet humble and approachable. This a key trait that you will see in many senior executives as well. It’s a common trait that  flows through the organization.

Tell us about Adobe KnowHow. Cy83CqpJ

Adobe KnowHow is aimed at making users do one thing: enjoy online learning. Be it a creative skill, programming or business skill, our users are knowledgeable workers looking to stay current at their job and students who are looking to acquire new skills.We have been featured on Forbes, Business Insider and The Next Web. We are over 200,000 users now and growing rapidly.

What inspired you to create Adobe KnowHow?

Learning on the web in 2013 was mostly YouTube videos or long forms of text and images, both of which had huge dropout rates. I wanted to build an experience where users engaged with the content better.

How did you get the opportunity to create a “start up”?

I was exploring new ideas to work on in 2013 and Project Kickbox was getting started. I was working at Adobe Headquarters in San Jose, CA at that time. It was the perfect climate for KnowHow. We utilized the $1000 credit to A/B test the first concept of KnowHow and we saw our results were 3x better than the best existing alternative at that time. My business unit supported the idea with resources and more funding and the rest is history.

How to you see Adobe KnowHow evolving in the future?

I feel proud to say that our users love us. We receive a constant stream of positive feedback and they help us focus on areas of improvement for the product. We are currently a consumer focused product and continue to grow there. We are also exploring options to take this to enterprise users, which is a key focus area for Adobe.

Tell us something that others might not know about you.

When I’m not working, I am an amateur poker player. In the past, I was ranked 2nd among twenty million users worldwide on Zynga and finished in the top 3% at a World Series of Poker event in 2014. I also had the opportunity to represent my university for table tennis at the South Zone Championships in India.