From Campus to Adobe Life

June 22, 2016

Pack your bags and tighten your boots, the journey to Adobe begins again.

Adobe is proud to host hundreds of interns from all over the world, and today we are highlighting their unique stories and focusing on their journey to Adobe. Like past years, the University Talent Team asked our U.S. summer interns to create a short video or photo essay to capture their journey, whether it be a 1500 mile road trip, or simply commuting from a city over.

This year, we have selected three winners from our intern submissions. Check them out:

Robert Haws, who makes a small journey big, ventured by way of bike, car, and even hitchhiking, on his 18 mile trek to the Lehi offices. To create his video, Robert used Premiere Pro, Audition, and Photoshop. Knowing that his short commute wouldn’t be able to compare to other students traveling a longer distance, Robert decided to make the most of his video when he thought “it might be funny to use several different modes of transportation (biking, longboarding, hitchhiking, scooter-ing (scooting?), running, etc.) to cover such a short distance. And I thought that all of the outdoor activities seemed very Adobe-ish, very in-line with the emphasis on health and wellness. I stayed up late and wrote out the storyboard, convinced a friend to be my cameraman, and spent an entire Saturday shooting and editing the video. It was a fun way to kick off my Adobe internship!”

Kristy Taves, a Bay Area native but currently a student at NYU, recounted her time spent on the east coast before boomeranging back to the Bay to start her internship in San Jose. When asked what inspired her, Kristy explained “As an intern, I’m always looking for ways to familiarize myself with Adobe products. This was a great opportunity to use the recently released Adobe Spark.”

Joe Lee, who made the trip up from Los Angeles to San Francisco, reminds us of the grueling final semester before the summer, and shows off what the bay area has to offer. Joe, who’s been using Adobe products since youth, initially wasn’t sure that he would have enough time to submit a video. However, after discovering Adobe Spark, Joe says that “When I saw how easy it was to create a great-looking video, I decided to give it a shot. In under an hour, I created a finished product that I was more than satisfied with and was once again impressed by Adobe’s ability to produce such innovative products.”

Congratulations to our winners!