Adobe Intern Discoveries

July 28, 2016

Starting a new job can be scary, but at Adobe, we encourage discovery and opening new doors. As our intern season starts winding down, we asked our newcomers: what have you discovered about Adobe? From June 20 to July 22, we had interns tweet or Instagram their “Adobe Discoveries”, with weekly winners announced every Friday. Take a look below and see what interns are uncovering, and maybe even learn something new yourself!


WEEK 1 - Karen Rodriguez-PoncianoWeek 1, by Karen Rodriguez-Ponciano (Diversity & Inclusion Intern in San Jose)

“This summer, I discovered that Adobe is extremely passionate and dedicated to developing their talent. Throughout my internship, I have had the opportunity to meet Adobe leaders, including the networking lunch with Customer and Employee Experience EVP, Donna Morris. I have also learned how to leverage my time at Adobe to pursue my professional and personal aspirations through the University Program’s Career Development sessions and Role Modeling Check-ins with my manager. The emphasis on providing feedback and enabling professional and personal development shows that truly, Adobe knows that a company is only as extraordinary as its people are. My internship with Adobe has definitely set the bar very high; as a long-time loyal user and fan of Adobe’s products, this summer has been a dream come true.”


WEEK 2 - Michelle LeeWeek 2, by Michelle Lee (Full Stack Software Engineer Intern in San Francisco)

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m more than halfway through my internship. It was definitely rough coming to SF from Seattle after finals and end of the quarter shenanigans. It seems like all a blur. After settling down and slowly getting used to work, week 2 had already passed. Then it was pride weekend. The amount of energy and spirit everyone had this day was just incredible. I was marching with some Twitter interns, but coincidently found a couple Adobe interns within the crowd. My friend handed me an Adobe sweatband after complaining of not having any Adobe swag, so it was necessary to take this photo. The people that I’ve met here are kind and intelligent, with a good amount of humor. I’ve already learned so much, but the most important thing that I’ve learned is the importance of being able to work in a team. It is by far the best summer of my life.”


WEEK 3 - Yuta AraiWeek 3, by Yuta Arai (Multilingual Solutions Front-end Development Intern in San Jose)

Yuta, who made it all the way up to mission peak, summed up his intern discovery perfectly by simply saying “At Adobe, I discovered a fun, adventurous group of friends who are willing to go on hikes with me!”







WEEK 4 - Tejas DeshmukhWeek 4, by Tejas Deshmukh (Network Administrator Intern in San Jose)

“I discovered that Adobe has the best workplace environment in Silicon Valley and I’m lucky enough to have such a great team. And with TGIF happy hours after work, Adobe provides a great interactive environment where I get to meet new people. What I love about my position as a Network Administrator Intern is that I get to work on networking infrastructure in San Jose. Which means that since every floor has its own individual distribution closet (IDC), I get to visit every single one of them—even the roof, where I got to take the photo of the Adobe logo!”


What are you waiting for? Become an Adobe Intern and start your discoveries today!