Taking Wellness to Heart

August 17, 2016

MeditationWhen I enter the egg-shaped dome there’s a touchscreen to the left of me that prompts me to choose a session, and a reassuring text that says “should you choose to exit at any point, simply lift up the dome.” I tap one of the many options, and from there, the microcrystalline tiles surrounding me turn from a light purple to a deep green, and there’s an ever-so-faint humming that starts.

IMG_5046No, this isn’t a spaceship—this is Adobe’s Somadome, a guided meditation space to recover, reflect, and relax. When I finish, I can’t deny that I feel strangely calm, as if I had just made it back home after a journey. Not a bad way to start off the day, and I think, maybe I can skip that second cup of coffee.

The Somadome is just one the newest pieces of equipment in San Jose’s brand new gym, where activity has been thriving. That’s not a surprise though, when classes such as yoga, spinning, meditation, and kickboxing are offered—not to mention the massage room! Having these classes also makes it easy for employees to fully utilize their Fitbits, who Adobe has partnered with to offer discounted products through the Fitbit program, where every employee is eligible to receive a Fitbit to help them set goals, track progress, and participate in friendly competitions among colleagues. Adobe also subsidizes a second Fitbit for a spouse or partner so employees have additional support in their fitness efforts—all of which can be reimbursed through our wellness incentive dollars

SFWellnessCenterimageSan Jose isn’t the only office with all these toys though. For employees in San Francisco, they don’t have to fret too much, as their new gym opened yesterday. Opening at twice the size of the old gym, the San Francisco Wellness Center has brand new equipment and additional group exercise classes. And to make sure everybody’s needs are fulfilled, the center is staffed by a full time employee, ready to help whenever.

Outside the Gym

boulderingWellness goes beyond gyms though. It isn’t rare to see employees in San Jose playing basketball on the rooftop, or enjoy a breezy game of bocce ball. And in Lehi, there are many facilities to highlight in relation to the Wellness Center including an indoor basketball court, volleyball court, outdoor basketball court, outdoor sand volleyball court, bouldering wall for rock climbing, and soccer equipment to use on the green lawn between buildings. In India, offices there have a strong sports culture too, with large player groups in cricket, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and a rock climbing wall on the roof of the Bangalore office. And in our smaller offices, where there’s not a lot of gym space, wellness is evident in the culture. In Seattle, where there’s a smaller facility, employees make use of their surroundings and hold classes outside, and also bond through the strong biking community there.

Employees also take action and organize their own wellness groups. Shown in our piece by Mike Dillon, EVP, General Counsel Corporate Secretary, he’s created a “bike pool”, where employees bike to work together. Scott Unterberg, Director, Program Management, is also the founder of Project Breathe, a program that was officially launched nationwide in 2008, where colleagues gather for 30 minutes every day to meditate. Project Breathe is practiced in our offices in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Canada, Switzerland, and India—and has even sparked interest in other companies who wish to implement similar programs.

Food for the Soul

IMG_7015With initiatives sponsored by our Wellness Coordinator and Workplace Solutions team, wellness is also achieved through food. By working with our chefs, the Workplace Solutions team ensure that healthy meals are always top-of-mind. Bon Appétit and the Wellness Center have also joined forces to encourage guests to use the AdobeWell station—a one-stop shop for a healthy lunch. And with the AdobeWell punch card, employees can earn rewards for making healthy choices.

6 E’s of Wellness

SJ WELLNESS-5907Today, Sara Torres, our Wellness Coordinator, is also spearheading an initiative that she dubs the 6 E’s of Wellness—Eat, Exercise, Experience, Engage, Enlighten, and Empower. This wellness initiative encompasses all programs ranging from events in the wellness center and even to volunteering opportunities. Sara, who sums it up perfectly, says “Programs that support Wellness at Adobe are modeled and designed to meet employees wherever they are on their personal journey to wellness. Whether they wish to focus on fitness, or are more interested on achieving mindfulness, Adobe helps provide the necessary resources.”

As you can see, Adobe is committed to supporting employees’ health and wellness in ways that extend far beyond traditional health benefits offerings. Through the best facilities, events, competitions, and incentives, Adobe is focused on improving employees’ physical, emotional, and financial health. So, where do you want to start?

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