The Start of Something Big

August 18, 2016

Every year, as intern season wraps up, Adobe is proud to host the Intern Projects Expo, where our undergraduate and MBA interns share what projects they’ve been working on this summer. This year in our San Jose office we had over 175 intern projects—each one of them bursting with creativity and innovation. And although their internship is ending, we want to remind our interns that their time at Adobe and the experiences they’ve gained is only just the beginning—the start of something big.

See what some of our interns worked on this summer, and learn what they enjoyed most about their internship.

Ashley Vong
, Graphic Design Intern

VongA“I created and doodled the artwork for the Creative Cloud promotion. It is an international campaign, so the artwork will be translated into various languages and seen across a global audience.

This internship has been the experience of a lifetime! My team in Global Marketing has been so welcoming and helpful throughout the entirety. I’ve been getting to do some of the most creative work at a corporate company. I even had the privilege to present my work and talk to Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu, at the expo, which was so exciting. I really think I hit the jackpot of all internships!”


Dom Leventini
, Talent Scout Intern

LeventiniD“For the Intern Project Expo, I worked on improving and updating our competitive landscape. Since Adobe has so many different business units, we have a lot of different competitors. We not only compete with these various companies for market share, but also for the industry’s top talent.

The opportunity to present this information to the company and network with so many great employees was incredible. Beyond the Intern Expo, I had no shortage of great experiences during my summer with Adobe. From experience-athons to the Adobe Olympics to the intramural basketball league, there are plenty of events that allowed me to meet new people and have a great time doing it.”

Lauren Lapid
, Digital Design Enablement Intern

LapidL“My projects bridged design and research in forming customer journeys to promote our digital marketing solutions. I conducted a variety of research, from having in-person interviews to reading through various journals, in order to understand consumer trends and pain points. From this research, my team and I formed customer journeys for “a day in the life” of a company’s customer had they been implementing our marketing tools.

As a fine art student, I wasn’t sure which direction of design I wanted to pursue, but this internship made me realize that I do want to be on the marketing side of design—and now, I’m sure that I want to pursue an MBA in the future.  Thank you, Adobe!”

TJ Rhodes
, GEM Research Intern

329A1234“In this project, we wanted to reduce the time it took to capture a measured BRDF for a spatially varying planar material at high resolution. We augmented an off-the-shelf x-y gantry system with a camera and LED array, so the software would automate the process for calibration and BRDF acquisition.

The capture station would move a planar array of LEDs with an aligned camera over a planar target, capturing both view-dependent and lighting dependent appearances. The intention was to capture a data-set that could be used to fit an analytic BRDF model such as the PBR shading model.”

Vidhi Vakharia
, Computer Scientist Intern

VakhariaV“I interned on Acrobat engineering’s Fill & Sign team. My project involved prototyping an advanced form filling idea called free form filling. The primary goal of my project was to make digital form filling as natural and intuitive as paper form filling while maintaining digital forms’ powerful ability of data extraction.

What I loved most about my time at Adobe was incredible opportunities like Lunch & Learns across all business units in the company, the Girls Who Code mentorship initiative, the Social & Wellness Committee and the Campus Ambassadors program. I got involved in each of these and that opened up so many avenues for me.  I’m especially grateful to my incredible team as this summer would have been very different without their ever willingness to help, and their constant support and encouragement across all aspects of my internship. When I look back at the last three months, all of these experiences come together along with the technical development work to paint the complete picture of my incredible summer at Adobe.”

Henry Stein
, Video Production Intern

SteinH“For my project, I created Adobe E-Sign: A Better Way, a commercial bringing awareness to the efficiency and ease of electronic signature. It was produced here at the San Jose office as my final intern project.

I found that the diversity in positions was the coolest part of the internship. I felt constantly inspired by what everyone else was doing because it’s so different than my work. Being surrounded by coders, marketers, and graphic designers was an inspiration and kept my mind open.”




Ekta Prashnani, Procedural Imaging Group Intern

PrashnaniE“My internship project is about overcoming (“denoising”) specific kinds of noise cast in low-light images and videos. One approach that has been used in the past for denoising low-light images is to use an additional image of the same scene (right after capturing the low-light image) which was taken under the light of a camera flash. This additional flash image facilitates the denoising process by providing some scene details which are often drowned in the grainy noise in low-light images.

One of the best phenomena, personally for me, about interning at Adobe has been the people I have met this summer. Adobe’s massive intern program has helped me develop friendships with very talented and passionate fellow grad students whom I can clearly see myself collaborating with in the long term as I mature in my field of study.”

Naveen Sreenivasan
, Accelerated Innovation Experience Design Intern

“I SreenivasanNworked with the Adobe HIVE team over the summer as Accelerated Innovation Experience Design intern and it was the best internship experience ever. HIVE helps teams across Adobe to solve their business challenges by asking the right questions, giving new meaning to collaboration by bringing the right people together to a space called HIVE. I was fortunate enough to work with projects like Adobe One business challenge, improving the cafeteria experience and creating the Adobe work space for the future.

I had the best time of my life working in a team with a dynamic culture. Every day, I came to work feeling challenged and inspired to give more and our team was relentless in pursuing the goal of giving the best experience at workplace for other teams. Interning with Adobe changed the way I look at challenges and helped me discover my potential in more ways than I can express.”



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