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Swiss Ingenuity

September 14, 2016

florian-and-angeloThe same team that enjoys summer swims in the Rhine River can now have team meetings in a genuine Swiss ski lift gondola—straight from the Alps.

In a move that says just about everything you can say about Adobe creativity and ingenuity, Adobe Basel has made use of the retired gondola to add a fun meeting space to the site.

Going Up!

The team has branded the gondola; placed it on the Adobe Basel roof, where employees often hang out on nice days; connected it to the network; and created a fully functioning Adobe meeting room.

“We are 100+ employees, and we run more than 20 workshops a year; we needed more meeting space,” explained Florian Schaulin, senior product manager and site leader. “Because it’s pre-built, a funicular makes an efficient use of our budget and resources.”

Adobe Ingenuity

Traveling through town, on the way to Adobe Basel
Traveling through town, on the way to Adobe Basel

“As often happens, the idea came out of a brainstorming session—about how to make the best use of our limited space,” Florian said.

Coming up with the idea, researching the feasibility and implementing the tricky installation reflects the way Adobe does business: strategic thinking and collaboration, along with a blend of art, creativity and science—all fueling our products and innovations. To that, the Basel team added a touch of Swiss cultural heritage.

The gondola and crane made quite a spectacle coming through town, especially in the small square in front of the Adobe office.

A Room with a View

The new meeting room makes its rooftop landing
The new meeting room makes its rooftop landing

Basel put the new space to use right away: The team hosted a cocktail reception and “gondola initiation celebration” for 100 people on the roof the very night of its installation. In addition, they used it for an Adobe Switzerland Customer BBQ event soon after that.

“It’s a very special setup, in a magnificent location overlooking Basel,” said Mark Bell, EMEA Regional Site Operations manager. “And the office is really going to benefit from another meeting space for eight to 10 people.”

“A meeting room like this is new to us all,” Florian said. “Let’s see where the fresh air and the openness leads!”


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