Adobe Around the World

September 21, 2016


Ever wanted to get an inside look at some of our Adobe offices around the world? Look no further, because in our Adobe Around the World series, we share a glimpse of Adobe Life around the globe. From the Americas to Asia, today we’re covering the magnificent offices in San Jose, Noida, Seoul, and Basel.

San Jose

adobesanjoseFive years ago, Adobe San Jose came to the realization that a makeover was long overdue. The company was changing and with that came the need to enhance the work community with spaces that reflected its innovative nature. So the goal was set to shift the way employees viewed the workplace in a direction that was more focused on collaboration and community.

And the once lobby – now community space in the West Tower screams Adobe creativity. Employees are w2-imggreeted by bright and vibrant colors wherever they turn, from the lime green couches to the bright orange accent walls. No matter where one is in this spacious area, there’s an abundance of natural light beaming through. This space is home to the new temPLATES café and coffee bar, Adobe Store, Workplace Support, Tech Café, four community living rooms, a variety of seating areas, and The Steps – our very large amphitheater-esque meeting area.

Over the last year, Adobe San Jose has also welcomed three new dining experiences, all named after popular Photoshop features: Layers, Palettes, and temPLATES. Together, the three new concepts offer a range of dining experiences for the Adobe community.


screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-3-31-39-pmAt present, Noida it is one of Adobe’s largest sites, more than 2000 employees, engaged in all functions, covering the entire spectrum.

In fact, Noida is also where almost all of Adobe’s international quality engineering takes place. It’s not surprising that the integrity of Adobe’s products would be left in the hands of Noida’s engineers: Adobe recruits young engineers from top colleges all around India.

“The Noida office is brimming with passionate, talented people,” said Vijay Kumar Sharma, quality engineering manager.

Employees work side by side in big, open workspaces, turning almost any activity into a group activity. You can’t sneak off to the pantry for a quick cup of tea without taking everyone in your seating area with you—which makes for a refreshing break from the demanding work.

“Lunch time is very special for me,” Vijay said. “It’s at the lunch table that we discuss the high philosophies and world issues.”

Not surprisingly, Noida—and Adobe—are still growing. The young city, which was founded as a part of a concerted urbanization effort in the late seventies, has grown up fast, and Adobe’s office building, with its bright geometric embellishments, became one of the city’s most prominent and attractive buildings. “The building exhibits the spirit of Adobe—creative and joyous,” said Poonam Bhalla, program manager.



Out with the old and in with the new! With a growing business and a desire to grow the Adobe experience among employees, Adobe Korea is making a jump to the new and iconic Parnas Tower. The 17th floor of the new 38-story office building will be home to Adobe beginning in late October. Home to 68 Korean employees who focus on the business across Digital Media, Digital Marketing and the Document Cloud, the new space will embody the Adobe brand and provide functional and flexible space to fuel mobility, team collaboration and become the transformational workspace for any future business needs.

The tower, which is LEED Gold certified, is expected to be an outstanding workplace with stunning panoramic views and stylish design and will allow Adobe employees to work more efficiently and better collaborate.

Located at the center of the Gangnam business complex, it offers easy access to domestic and international transportation and is surrounded by luxurious hotels, shopping malls, COEX (Convention and Exhibition) and the ASEM Tower.

“I’m so excited to move to a new building which will definitely enrich the Adobe Life of Korea employees by providing them with better employee experience. Can’t wait to move into a new office!” said Hyeseon Jeong, Office Manager at Adobe Korea.

Photo credit: Greg Klebus

Our Basel, Switzerland office is the birthplace of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The team, which joined Adobe when they acquired Day Software five years ago, is a tight-knit group.

“We grew up together! Many of us have worked together for years,” said Lydia Puric, UI developer. “People are open-minded, and with the more recent hires, it’s a great mix.”

Gilles Knobloch, engineering manager, AEM Sites, agrees. “We have a good blend of old-timers and those who have joined since the acquisition,” he said.

With an attrition rate of almost 0% in the past 10 years, it’s clear that Adobe’s Basel employees appreciate the work, the culture and their colleagues!

They enjoy all kinds of activities together—from ski outings to bowling, table soccer and table tennis tournaments, a music group and a Christmas party. In the summer, it’s barbeques on the roof, including an annual get-together that includes family. The office offers daily meditation classes and has a game/music room, too.

When the hot summer days arrive, you can find many Adobe employees cooling off in the Rhine River, along with their fellow Basel residents. The river is just a few short blocks away, and many take a refreshing plunge in the cool water at lunchtime or after work.

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