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“Marathoning” Down Under

November 1, 2016


By Jessy Frydenberg, Employee Communications Intern

Anyone who has ever tried long-distance running knows that it is not easy to stay focused, in shape, and committed to the sport. It takes determination, hard work and discipline to be a marathon runner.

No one understands this better than Carolyn Frost, product support representative in Engineering Technology and avid long-distance runner. Carolyn joined Adobe as part of the Business Catalyst acquisition 10 years ago. She spent three years in the San Francisco office before heading “home” to Sydney, Australia, where she grew up. But she certainly hasn’t let these life changes interrupt her seven-year strong passion for marathon running.

Growing up, Carolyn was extremely athletic and grew up “like most Aussie kids.” She loved to swim in the ocean and snow ski, and played netball and water polo throughout her school years, despite being one of the smallest players on the team. Thanks to her siblings and father, she also developed a passion for cross-country. “When I was younger, my father and I would do fun runs together, and from there I just became an avid long-distance runner,” she said.

Stronger Together

During her time in San Francisco, Carolyn joined a casual running group and participated in many 10K events. She then ran the Big Sur Half Marathon in Monterey Bay and immediately fell in love with the half-marathon scene. Upon her return to Australia, she joined another social running group and, eventually, a more serious running group.

Another run in the books for Carolyn! (pictured left)

“You meet so many inspiring people, friends who encourage you, and who you can help and encourage,” Carolyn said, “Everyone might be on their own journey but when we run as a group, we support and push each other to succeed.”

One Foot After the Other

Like any sport, running is hard work and a big time commitment. “You need to consistently keep up with your running, but not over train to the point of injury. You need to get used to running through ‘the wall’ in order to know that you can do it. Don’t stop, keeping pushing through, one foot after the other.”

Carolyn trains three times a week solo and twice a week with the Sydney Striders, a passionate group of long-distance runners. She stays committed to her workout plan by working towards a date, a race date that is. “I train backwards from a race date so that I am in the best possible shape when I reach that start line,” she said. “It becomes much harder to skip a training session because of weather or social commitments.”

Her biggest challenge now is her mental strength. “Getting up early and heading out for a run on my own is never easy but I know that the satisfaction I will get when crossing that finish line of a race is worth it.”

Bringing a Runner’s Focus to Work

marathon1Carolyn’s fitness regimen pays dividends in the office, too. “Running is my morning medicine and sets me up to have a productive day,” she said. “My role at Adobe includes sitting at a computer most of the day and troubleshooting technical issues.  A daily run ensures I have the energy to diagnose complex issues in my work and it definitely assists me in reducing stress.”

She names the Six Foot Track Ultra Marathon as her biggest achievement so far. This past year, Carolyn crossed the finish line, conquering 45 kilometers of narrow rock tracks, meadows, sandy gravel, dirt fire-trail, hills and rivers in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.

Carolyn advises new runners to start with short distances as this minimizes the chances of injury. She also recommends joining a club or getting a running buddy to keep up the support, commitment and focus.

“With motivation, commitment, a positive attitude and organization, you’re guaranteed to succeed,” Carolyn said. “And, there’s nothing better than that incredible sense of satisfaction when you cross that finish line!”

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