EMEA Feature

Amplifying Impact

January 24, 2017

Eckehart Roescheisen, a computer scientist in Hamburg, was in the subway one day when he saw a sign for Hamburger Spendenparlament. The nonprofit works to address poverty, homelessness, and isolation in the Hamburg area with a unique democratic approach that lets donors choose where to direct funds. “I loved the level of transparency, and I thought it would be really amazing to be involved,” he says.

Eckehart became a donating member, and when the organization’s leaders learned that he was a developer, they asked him to help with their website relaunch. Soon after, Eckehart discovered the Adobe Matching Grants Program, which matches employees’ donations of time and money with cash grants to nonprofits of their choice. So he went to Impact@Adobe, the employee portal for Adobe’s social impact initiatives, to request a match for his donations and also log the hours he was spending to support the organization’s mission. And after he finished his first 100-hour volunteer project, Adobe gave him volunteer grants to donate to the Spendenparlament. On top of that, Adobe also donated Creative Cloud licenses to the organization in recognition of Eckehart’s pro bono website development work.

“They were totally blown away that Adobe recognizes the volunteer work its employees are doing with grant funding—and that Adobe would even donate Creative Cloud licenses for software they otherwise could not afford. They couldn’t believe it.” said Eckehart.

Today, Eckehart still volunteers at least 10 hours each month, and each month he receives a $250 grant for his time. Through the Impact@Adobe platform, requesting a matching grant has never been easier for employees. All current, regular, employees worldwide can request Adobe matching grants for their personal charitable donations, and will be matched at a 1:1 ratio up to $10,000 USD per year. The program also provides employees with a $250 USD grant for every 10 hours volunteered at a charitable organization.

“Giving this money is very motivational for me,” Eckehart said. “I want to give more than just my time, and this gives me an opportunity to give extra value from my time contribution. For me, that’s awesome.”

And when he provides that $250 grant each month? It never gets old.

“They are totally blown away,” Eckehart says. “Still.”