Women in Technology

March 8, 2017

To celebrate International Women’s Day, today we are highlighting some of our talented Women in Technology. Meet Moumita Sinha, Sarah Kong and Brooke Francesi—three women in technology roles at Adobe with different backgrounds, expertise and passions. See what they had to say about their work at Adobe and what they love about the community here

Moumita Sinha, a Senior Data Scientist in Adobe Research, helps customers communicate better with their customers.
“The two products that I work with are Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics—it’s all data and numbers. So every time anybody goes to a website and clicks, all that information is there. I love coming to work because I find the work exciting, I have fantastic colleagues to work with, and because it’s fun.”

Sarah Kong, Principal Scientist for the Digital Imaging and Photoshop Tech Transfer team, always strives to delight the customer.
“We collect user data to understand our customers better. I feel excited and challenged here—I get to work on the latest and greatest technologies! We are really supportive in increasing the pipeline to have more female computer science graduates as well as helping them grow their leadership capabilities.”

Brooke Francesi, the lead designer on Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw, designs tools for creative people.
“Adobe is really focused on hiring the most talented people possible. The bar is really high but the rewards are great. We have an amazing community culture. All the people that I work with are people that I want to be friends with.”

Throughout the year, we strive to support the growth and development of women across Adobe and create an environment that enables employees to thrive. For the month of March, we’re celebrating women at Adobe, their achievements and the ways that they are shattering stereotypes in their daily lives—and Moumita, Sarah and Brooke are no exception!

Visit our diversity and inclusion site to see what we’re doing to create to workplace that works for everyone.