Building Community in and around Tech

March 29, 2017

As we reach the end of Women’s History Month, we are reminded of our mission to drive greater diversity and inclusion worldwide. For Adobe, attending the Lesbians Who Tech summit in San Francisco was a perfect way to connect with diverse talent and to build community in and around technology.

Taking place in the Castro district in San Francisco, The Lesbians Who Tech Summit assembled together over 2,000 lesbians, queer women and allies across all areas of technology. Here, our Adobe talent team interacted with technologists from all across the country for a 3-day summit to chat about technology, diversity and social issues. At the end of the summit, our teams were blown away by the 2500 attendees, innovative workshops and community building.

Tech Crawl

The first night of the summit started off with a tech crawl, where our Adobe representatives showcased Adobe Spark. Many attendees used the time to demo the app and even make spark posts around the LGBTQ community.

With over 15 employees representing Adobe, we had our talent team and members of our Adobe Proud employee network present. They all had the same goal— to connect with summit attendees and tell the Adobe story. At the end of the night, the team had met over 300 potential candidates with a variety of experience levels. When speaking to Ashton Smith, University Talent Partner, she said it was “One of the most diverse conferences that we’ve been to!”

Leading with empathy

The next day, Adobe’s VP and GM of Customer Experience, Chris Hall, took the stage to lead an engaging talk about leading with empathy. Chris stressed the importance of offering to help others unconditionally as a way to establish leadership and relationships.

She did this by recounting a story about the first time she presented to the executive leadership team at Adobe. Unfortunately, the meeting ended badly due to miscommunication. But, after the meeting a fellow Adobe employee, Gloria Chen, offered to mentor Chris and give her advice on how to prepare for future presentations. What struck Chris was that Gloria went out of her way to assist her even though she didn’t have to. Her key takeaway? Try to understand others’ point of view in order to help them. Help others by building trust, taking a risk and really listening.

The future

On the last day, our teams participated in the Lesbians Who Tech career fair, which was also open to the community. Here, our teams connected with even more talented individuals looking to explore their passions at Adobe. After the summit, all our representatives agreed that the experience had exceeded their expectations. So much so that they’re already looking forward to next year’s summit, so that they can continue to engage with diverse talent at all levels, and of all walks of life.

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Photos by Nikki Ritcher Photography