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April 5, 2017

When you’re an engineer at Adobe, it’s something special knowing that you work on products that touch millions of people around the world. The icing on the cake—being able to present your work to customers in-person to see just how your product has affected them.

This is the case for Peter Ciszak and Lingling Sun, software engineers at Adobe who work on Dynamic Media Solutions for Adobe Experience Manager assets. This year during the 2017 Adobe Summit, our largest digital marketing summit, they had the opportunity to co-present two lab sessions. The sessions covered how AEM Assets and Dynamic Media capabilities allow creators and marketers to effortlessly build rich and scalable multimedia experiences with little to no technical knowledge.

“Normally we face internal design and engineering challenges at every turn. This time we faced our customers and potential customers in-person, which was such a unique and enriching experience for me,” Lingling said. Peter also shared “Not only were our customers able to meet some of the people behind the products, but we provided insight from an engineering perspective—an opportunity which many found invaluable.”

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost behind the work you do, but here at Adobe, we strive to make sure our employees know that their work goes beyond just being a “job.” No matter what your role is at Adobe, the work you do impacts the customer experience. Our employees strive to create experiences by listening and collaborating with each other and our customers.

Brad Rencher, EVP and general manager of digital marketing, summed it up best when he said, “Becoming an Experience Business doesn’t just fall in the arms of marketers. Becoming an Experience Business requires an experience-first mindset across the entire organization.”

And delivering ultimate experiences also means showing customers your passions. For Peter and Lingling, they were thrilled that their presentation and passions were echoed by a very enthusiastic crowd. “It’s a rewarding feeling to hear the customers directly telling us how our solutions solved their problems, made them happy, and made their life easier. It makes my work on improving user experience more meaningful and gives it more purpose. It made me feel very proud of both my team and Adobe,” Lingling said.

When asked what Lingling and Peter’s big takeaways were from the Summit:

Lingling said, “This is a moment that will last. I will hold on to this inspirational moment and continue to go further with my team. I hope more engineers will have the opportunity to experience this kind of mutually fulfilling customer interaction!”

Peter said, “It was a truly wonderful experience meeting and collaborating with so many people both inside and outside of Adobe, and from every background—design, engineering, marketing and sales.”

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As the product manager for Dynamic Media, super proud to have Peter and Ling working on the team!