Belief in the Customer, Adobe and the Future

May 31, 2017

Today, we continue celebrating recipients of the Worldwide Sales Conference (WWSC) “Of the Year” awards, an event that honors employees who went above and beyond last year and constantly demonstrate our core values. Meet Soichiro Unose, Senior Project Manager and winner of the Consultant of the Year award. Learn Soichiro’s recipe for success and what his belief in the customer, belief in Adobe, and belief in the future all lead towards.

What is your recipe for success?

Most important is transparency, both within Adobe and with customers. Sometimes delivering a project can take up to a year, and a lot of things can change during that time. You need to stay committed and transparent. The second point is to stay focused on business. If we talk from the perspective of business scenarios, everything goes well.

What is the most important quality to doing your job well?

Commitment and confidence. You need to commit to being successful. You don’t know what can happen in the future, so someone has to commit to success and drive the team with confidence.

What makes a good leader?

A belief in the customer, belief in Adobe, and belief in the future.

What advice would you give new people at Adobe?

It’s a great company where you have an opportunity to grow and contribute.

How do you deal with setbacks or failure?

Sometimes when you’re dealing with many different cultures and languages, there can be communication challenges. I work hard to interpret and understand cultural differences to help break down any barriers that come up.

What is your strongest asset/quality?

I stay motivated! We all have a personal rhythm—sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. When you’re down, you have to take a break from the job to refresh yourself, find your motivation again, and come back later.

When interviewing a potential new member of your team, what is your favorite question to ask?

What is the most challenging time you’ve had to face and what did you do? I want to hear how the person addressed the issue and what they learned from it.

How do you fuel your creative side?

My hobby is golf—I’m crazy about it. It’s my way to refresh my mind and use it for other things besides business. That’s why I love it. With golf, the mental part of it is extremely important. It’s completely absorbing. And it’s also about risk management, so there’s a connection between golf and business!

On a perfect day off, what do you do?

I golf! From Tokyo, I have to drive an hour to a course, so it’s not too convenient, but I love it!

Any favorite quotes?

“The show must go on.” This quote gives me a reason to move things forward when I experience hardship.

Parting thoughts

I didn’t expect this honor, but once I received it, I felt that I now have more responsibility to do more for Adobe—to lead better and get even better results!

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