Goodbye, University—Hello, Adobe Life

June 22, 2017

Lately our halls seem slightly busier and there’s a special buzz in the air. Yep, that’s right, interns and university grads have arrived! Another school year has come and gone and lucky for us, some of the brightest young talent have chosen to spend their summer living the Adobe Life!

This year, we’re opening our doors to the largest class of university talent thus far, welcoming over 450 interns and 245 university grads ready to infuse their fresh perspective and innovative ideas across our U.S. offices. We look forward to this time every year, as it’s a chance for us all to learn from our new talent.

It’s safe to say that Adobe’s investment in interns and university talent is truly above and beyond. We go to great lengths to ensure that our new employees can pursue their passions and mold their paths throughout the summer, while providing support along the way.

An instrumental part of this growth is “Accelerate Adobe Life,” a two-year program designed by the University Talent team to kick-start our new talent’s path to success. The program brings together university grads and interns across the company, providing an immediate community from Day 1, with hopes of creating connections and relationships that span far beyond the summer.

Over the course of the summer, this cohort will be invited to a variety of events – such as a private Q&A with CEO, Shantanu Narayan – and will engage in monthly professional development workshops to learn about the industry and our business

“Our goal is to help this group transition successfully to Adobe—building community and developing their individual skills, so they will be more successful in their current and future roles,” said Lauren Doyle, Talent Development Partner.

Meet Our Interns

Get to know some of our newest employees and learn what they’re working on.

Claire Itamura

Corporate Events Intern

Senior at San Diego State University 

What are your main projects this summer?

Adobe Education Leaders, Adobe & Women Leadership Summit, Adobe MAX

What attracted you to Adobe?

What attracted me to Adobe is the rich cultural diversity and immense support of young creatives. I love representing a company that has such a positive influence.

What are you hoping to get out of your internship this summer?

This summer, I am hoping to get hands on experience with corporate events, as well as the opportunity to network with some of the amazing employees at Adobe. 

Jamie Diner

Machine Learning Scientist Intern

Masters in Information Systems Management at Carnegie Mellon University 

What are your main projects this summer?

Building a state of the art Recommendation System.

What are you hoping to learn/get out of your internship this summer?

I want to get more experience building systems that will have a real-life impact on the business and the quality of the product and service that we provide our customers. I’m part of a great team and I’m looking forward to learning from them and be able to provide my own experience and knowledge to create a wonderful product.

What attracted you to Adobe?

I’m part of a program called GEM Fellowship where top companies and universities get together to provide graduate education opportunities to underrepresented minorities in the STEM field. I’m proud that Adobe chose me as a GEM Fellow last year and I’m happy to be back for my second internship! Last year I had a wonderful time, met people from different backgrounds who all shared a passion for their work, and I just fell in love with the Adobe culture. Adobe is a great place to work and I’m excited for all the incredible experiences and learnings I will get this summer!

Mikaela Symanovich

Software Engineer Intern

Princeton University

What are your main projects this summer?

I will be working on the Livefyre branch of the Marketing Cloud.

What are you hoping to learn/get out of your internship this summer?

As a computer science major, nothing you work on in school can mirror the production environment of a real company and all of the pieces that go into generating a product that people will buy and use. I am looking forward to getting experience with this regard, as well as working with some of the most talented people in technology.

What attracted you to Adobe?

I was attracted to Adobe for the same reasons that many other people join the Adobe team, and that is the culture. The culture is known for being creative, innovative, collaborative, and supportive. I admired the way that Adobe brings together artists, designers, writers, engineers, and more. With respect to computer software, I was drawn to Adobe because I knew that I would be working with some of the most talented people in the tech industry, and Adobe creates an internship environment where its interns can make an immediate impact within a team.

Katherine Necochea Tinco

External/SEC Reporting and Technical Accounting Intern  

University of California, Berkeley

What are your main projects this summer?

I am working on Q2 2017 10-Q Quarterly financial report for filling with the SEC. Some of my main roles have been updating the most recent changes to the 10Q final draft and tying out information to the supporting documents.

What are you hoping to learn/get out of your internship this summer?

My goal for this summer is to continue to learn more about the quarterly reporting process since it requires detailed reviewing and understanding of the various financial statements and historical data. In addition, I hope to learn more about the different business units at Adobe and its financial operations to understand the long term and short term financial projections. Lastly, I am excited to continue to make meaningful relationships with my team and peers. Adobe has so many smart, creative individuals working here and its always a pleasure getting to learn more about other peers.

What attracted you to Adobe?

I like that Adobe is genuinely involved in creating a diverse working environment through its community and mentorship programs, like the Employee Networks, and other initiatives. Additionally, I find the culture and people collaborative and inspirational since there is so much one can be involved in. And of course, the free lunch, gym and other benefits are a plus!

Interested in joining our teams next year as a Summer intern or university grad? Explore our university career site and keep an eye out for when we start the search again!