Adobe For All

June 28, 2017

What does community mean to you?

To us, it means serving and supporting the world around us a variety of ways. Ways that range from helping those in need, creating a better and more environmentally friendly world and driving greater diversity and inclusion worldwide.

This is why we take pride in making the Civic 50 again this year, which means being named one of the most community-minded companies in the U.S. This award goes out to all our employees who make it their goal to collectively be involved in the community and recognize the diversity that makes all of us exceptional and unique.

And with June being Pride Month in the U.S., we’ve had another perfect opportunity to display just that.

Like years past, AdobeProud, one of our many employee networks, has been spearheading Pride Month initiatives. This month we celebrated Pride by hosting happy hours, sponsoring films at the largest LGBTQ film festival in the world, participating in volunteer opportunities and marching in Pride Parades across the world. This year, the AdobeProud network wanted to come up with a unified message across all our participating locations, leading to the creation of the “Unity, Love, Strength” concept. Designed in-house by the Adobe Studio team, the team wanted to create an empowering image that could not only serve as a visual identity for these events but also be given away as a gift—to employees and the public.

“Our AdobeProud community was eager to once again participate in several Pride Parades from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to New York—and for the first time, Dublin, Ireland—all representing our theme of Unity, Love, and Strength,” said Kate Morris Adobe’s People & Inclusion Lead. “Our theme embodies Adobe’s commitment to stand up against exclusion, demand equality and celebrate diversity of our employees, customers and communities.” 

This year we had more than 600 employees across our participating sites—with Ottawa employees to join in August—march in a parade, spreading the love with their family and friends, all while gallivanting with matching shirts, imaginative props and our beautiful “Unity, Love, Strength” banner and signs. See below for snippets of our colorful marches.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Photos by: Clint Goudie-Nice

San Francisco, California

Photos by: Allen Ellison

Seattle, Washington

New York City, New York

Dublin, Ireland

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