Learn it all at Adobe

July 26, 2017

When you’re in the technology business, change is imperative. And because Adobe is always reinventing itself, employees—even those who are remaining in the same role—will always have to learn new skills and reinvent themselves, too. That’s why we’ve created resources that foster and nurture a learn-it-all culture here.

And this is what led us to launch our very first Learning & Development Expo in our San Jose and San Francisco offices this year. During the expo we brought our employees’ learning & development front and center. For example, we invited learning professionals to connect with employees, had our talent team ready to answer career-related questions and development opportunities, and even held a photoshoot for employees who wanted to a new professional headshot.

Needless to say, we take our employees’ learning and development incredibly seriously here, and we’re proud to have a variety of programs and benefits that reinforce this.

Tailored Programs

Virtual Learning Experiences
Customized just for employees, learning experiences are 60-minute highly interactive virtual sessions hosted through our Adobe Connect platform. Facilitated by Adobe’s Talent Development team, the sessions are offered throughout the year and cover topics that support the business and individual development.

Maybe you want to learn how to command a room through effective communication techniques, or learn how to identify bias in the workplace to make a more diverse and inclusive environment. No matter what, we’re here to support our employees and their endeavors.

Speaker Series
Inspired by TED talks, our Speaker Series brings in motivational speakers to give employees useful takeaways that can be applied immediately. We curate speakers that provide thought leadership on relevant trending topics with the goal of engaging and educating employees on topics within as well as outside of our industry.

Women’s Executive Shadow Program
There’s nothing more inspiring than picturing yourself in the role you want to have, and that’s the idea behind this employee-run effort. It creates a unique “day in the life” experience for women at Adobe so they can experience, first-hand, what it’s like to be in an executive role. The program focuses on promoting female development, growth, and leadership throughout the entire organization.

Never Stop Learning

Free On-Demand Platforms
For employees on the go, we give them the option to learn what they want, when they want. We offer all our employees free access to some of the best professional tools and on-demand platforms. So if they want to learn a new coding language or how to become a more effective manager, it’s all at their fingertips. Year-to-date, about 80% of our employees have taken an online course from great resources such as, Harvard ManageMentor, Safari Books and getAbtract.

Education Reimbursement
Did you know, year-to-date, Adobe has given $2.4 million to employees through our education reimbursement program! To support employees in their pursuit of continuing education, the program reimburses employees up to a maximum of $10,000 USD per year for tuition, books for courses, certificate programs and graduate programs.

Empowered to Lead

We believe that even though leadership may not be in the job title, it’s certainly part of the job description. And to help our employees build their leadership capabilities, we offer targeted learning experiences and resources through our Leading@Adobe Live leadership program. These are live training sessions where employees can sharpen their leadership skills through in-person skill-building sessions and engage with their peers to learn through practical examples and receive immediate feedback.

You may have heard—we’ve reinvented the annual performance review process through our Check-in approach. That’s because we know that year-round genuine and constructive feedback helps drive productivity and personal development aspirations. Check-in is a fluid two-way dialogue between a manager and an employee that takes the place of written reviews. We rely on these Check-in conversations to drive discussions on expectations, feedback and development—all integral parts of our learning culture here.

Whether you’re an individual contributor, people manager or senior leader here, Adobe’s mission is to help all our employees grow and develop their careers. So if you’re a learn-it-all, Adobe’s the place for you.