Journey to Adobe

August 3, 2017

Whether it’s a new job or even a new school, we all remember our first day and just how exciting and maybe even overwhelming it was. As we welcomed hundreds of interns from all over the world last month, we asked them to capture their journey here. Were they excited, nervous, speechless…All of the above? Whether it was a 8000-mile flight, or simply hopping on the train, we wanted to hear about it!  

Check out this year’s winners and hear what inspired their submission:

Aishwarya Asesh
Data Science Intern
Lehi, Utah

“As a Data Scientist, you always seek opportunities to explore the world of possibilities. Here as an intern you get to learn every step of the way, whether it be on the technical side or on the creative side. And it’s the learning environment at Adobe that has helped me get selected to showcase my project at the Tech Expo in front of the CEO, Shantanu Narayen. My Journey to Adobe has been invigorating.”

Matt Ebling
Product Manager Intern
San Francisco, California

This is my first time on the west coast, and I had a great time with funny stores while I was flying in and getting settled. I’ve also always loved digital illustration, and wanted an excuse to try merging it with some really inspiring work I had seen done with Adobe After Effects. I learned a lot while making it, and I want to thank the Adobe team for the great opportunity!”

Pranjali Kokare
Emerging Graphics Group Intern
San Jose, California

“I had an amazing experience making the ‘Capture to Journey to Adobe Contest’ video. When I read about the contest, I was eager to send my entry and to know more about my co-interns through their videos. We come from different backgrounds, have reached the same destination but everyone carved a different path. I strongly believe that everyone has a unique and inspiring story to tell which makes their journey special. And I loved all the entries! Moreover it also gave me an opportunity to explore Adobe Spark. And learning new products is always fun!”

Olivier Munn
Product Management Intern
Lehi, Utah

What inspired my submission was to give a little perspective and show how crazy a journey it has been for my family and I to come all the way from France to end up at such an awesome place as Adobe in the USA. It’s my dream internship! My family and 4 kids inspire me and I wanted to include them as they have been such a huge support on this crazy adventure!”

Takeshi Onishi
Document Systems and Natural Language Processing Research Intern
San Jose, California

“When found out about the ‘Capture your Journey to Adobe’ contest, I thought it would be difficult to excite other interns with a video, since I predicted that other interns were likely very familiar with move editing too. So I looked for something else I could do. Something only I can do. Looking into my specialty and rules of the contest, I landed on making a video game, which I thought would be original. I decided to develop the game so show off new ideas!”

Kailen Swain
Adobe Design Intern, Spectrum Design Team
San Francisco, California

“My submission was inspired by the fact that my campus is located exactly two blocks from the San Francisco office. I wanted to capture just how short my journey was compared to others. Using Premiere Pro, I was able to film and edit this video in less than an hour, which is about 6x longer than the walk from my school to Adobe!”

Congratulations to our winners!

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