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Adobe Sensei on Streamlining the Justice System

September 19, 2017

Adobe India recently hosted the Grassroots Innovation Challenge, a government-sponsored competition that asks participants to ideate and innovate solutions for a wide range of issues, from citizen engagement to digitization, smart cities, government workflow and process simplification, and women and child welfare. The Adobe teams developed nearly 600 unique digital solutions. But amongst the solutions, one came out on top. Here about Samartha Vashishtha (Sr. Content and Community Lead) and Vishesh Gupta’s (Sr. Content and Community Lead) winning submission, and how they used Adobe Sensei to streamline the flow of Justice Systems.

Contributed by Samartha Vashishtha and Vishesh Gupta.

Our journey at Adobe has always been about innovating to enhance customer experiences. The products that we build empower the creators, the thinkers, and the planners, who in turn impact millions of lives across the globe. While innovating is part of the Adobe DNA, the Grassroots Innovation Challenge presented us with a rare opportunity to touch the lives of citizens across the country.

The birth of an idea

Having dealt with a legal challenge—a civil dispute escalating all the way to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India—on the personal front a few years ago, we had unique insights into the challenges that the Indian Judiciary faces every day. This experience helped us identify areas where technology can bring in efficiencies.

We decided to plug this gap by leveraging our learnings in the areas of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).  Our research also convinced us that an intelligent layer of technology was required to catalyse the impact of digitization to be able to truly make a difference. Thus, the idea ‘Machine Learning-led Intelligent Core Judicial Solution’ was conceived. 

We brainstormed on several ideas and received constant feedback from the mentors, who played a critical role in our success. We were challenged to sharpen our focus and remain pivoted on only the most impactful facets of our product.

The solution

Judges in our legal system need to go through thousands of pages of case documents under time pressures for cases they handle. We wanted to ease this burden by making available to the judges just the precise legal elements that they needed to focus on at a given point in the case progression. We did this through a targeted technological solution, powered by machine-learning technologies with Adobe Sensei. Machine learning can help condense pages of information into a crisp information dashboard for judges thereby eliminating delays, reduce frauds and unnecessary litigation, streamline the flow of justice, and maximize judicial efficiencies.

The overall experience

Participating in the challenge was one of the most enriching experiences at Adobe so far. Right from submission of ideas to the final round, the challenge kept getting more rigorous. The process required us to present the solution to mentors and judges across three different rounds—Ideate (~600 entries), Incubate (45 entries) and Impact (12 entries). The finale also had a Product Shootout round attended by all Adobe India employees!

Every level was increasingly difficult as the time limit to make the pitch was progressively reduced, finally reaching three minutes in the last stage. The need was to have razor-sharp focus and highlight the ingenuity of the solution. The guidance from the mentors enabled us to present a robust solution and emerge as winners. This event is a true testimony to Adobe’s commitment to innovation at all levels. We eagerly look forward to its next edition!