Asia Feature

Bridging Technology and Consulting

December 12, 2017

If there’s one thing that people say about Vienna Sze, it’s that she’s honest.

When I asked her what’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about her, she laughed, “Well, I had 3 weddings in 3 different continents, over 6 months,” she paused, “but all with the same person, I swear!”

Or when I asked her to choose an Adobe product that best described her, she laughed nervously. “I primarily support Adobe Experience Manager, so if I don’t say that one, my team will kill me!” She paused. “But I’ll just have to let them kill me. I’d have to say Adobe Analytics best describes me. I love collecting data and then making dashboards to gain insight and see what the best next steps to take are.”

Vienna is a consulting delivery manager in Adobe’s Melbourne office. In this position, Vienna works with customers on technology implementation of our Digital Marketing Solutions. “I provide consulting assistance, which also includes the architecture and launch of the solutions they need.”

Her job requires her and her team to have a mix of technical skills—like a background in computer science or engineering—and consultative skills. She works directly with customers to learn what their pain points are, all while building solutions for them. It’s a very hands-on job that requires Vienna to stay close to the customer and the business, so that she can ensure the best possible experience for them.

One of the best parts of the job is Vienna’s diverse customers. “In Asia-Pacific, we don’t segment our customers by verticals, since the market isn’t as big compared to North America. This means I work with media, publishing or government today, and then banking or education tomorrow,” she said. And because Vienna’s team works so closely with these customers, they transcend the traditional partnership. Of the experience, Vienna said, “They see us as a whole team. We aren’t partners—we’re one team, so sometimes it feels like I’m a part of multiple companies, which is so much fun.”

So with all these customers, how does Vienna stay ahead of the curve? Luckily, she has a great team and makes it essential that they all stay connected, so that they can lend each other a helping hand. “My team is everywhere! As a manager, I make sure we motivate each other and that we stay connected however we can—they can call me, Slack me, text me, even Instagram me if that’s what they want. What’s important is that they know they have a support network.”

For Vienna, she’s built up an impressive skillset through her extensive experience. And as someone who’s been at Adobe for seven years, her number one piece of advice is simple, “Find a job that aligns with your passion. I say that because my father gave me a computer when I was 14 and it really blew me away. Computer science came very naturally to me, and I didn’t think of going into any other field besides tech,” she shared.


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