Asia Feature

Leapfrogging the Competition with Kenneth Lai

June 19, 2018

When Kenneth Lai first joined Adobe back in 2013 he was the vertical lead for Adobe’s Southeast Asia Financial Services. Since then he’s advanced his career to Director and most recently, to that of a Senior Director position for our Adobe Experience Cloud business in Southeast Asia. With a deep passion for the success of his customers, he’s found ample opportunity at Adobe and is continually looking for ways where we can grow his team to leapfrog the competition.

I caught up with Kenneth to talk about his experience at Adobe, what his recipe for success is, and why he has nothing but great things to say about his team.

What led you to join Adobe?

It’s actually a funny story. At my previous company, we had just lost a big deal to Adobe. At the time I only associated Adobe with PDF, so I couldn’t help but think…Who the heck is Adobe? I started doing more research and became interested in their business, especially their potential with digital experience and marketing. When an opportunity came around, I was impressed with the interviewers and how passionate and committed they were, so I took the leap!

What is your recipe for success?

In my role, there are two things I emphasize: We need to take care of the customer and make sure they are successful. They’re customers for life. They need to see measurable impact to their business. That’s my number one priority. Secondly, everybody needs to take ownership of the business as if it was their own. Treat it as your own business and be accountable.

What makes your role unique from past positions you’ve held?

We have the best and most comprehensive solutions out there, and we have an immense drive for customer success. One of the things that’s unique about my role now is the fact that I get to lead one of the best sales team in the marketplace today. Everyone is committed and self-motivated to make a difference. If I’m a sales leader outside of Adobe, I wouldn’t want to compete with this team. It’s a great honor to work with all of them.

How do you motivate your team?

I want my team to make a difference in the marketplace, with their customers, and in the business. I often tell them, don’t just chase after money and go after quick wins. Rather, chase after building a brand and reputation for yourself. Then success will follow. Have a great brand in the marketplace, with your peers, customers, partners and competitors. Mean what you say, say what you mean. Be professional, have high integrity.

What is your favorite part about working for Adobe?

The people! In my kind of job, it’s not just about sales. We work with all functions, and everybody is so aligned. I’ve never worked at a company anywhere else like this. It’s the people that make the difference in the culture of Adobe.

What would you say to prospective candidates considering a job at Adobe?

Adobe is one of the best places to work. But it’s a demanding company. We expect 120% from every employee that we hire. But it’s dynamic, full of opportunities, and we’re really making tsunami waves in the marketplace. Adobe’s not a place for passengers. You’ve got to contribute! If you work hard, you can grow and succeed.

Describe your experience at Adobe with one word and explain why.

Fulfilling. Four and half years ago my peers used to ask me why I joined Adobe—the PDF company. In that time, Adobe’s been incredibly successful and we’re growing so much. Now people know why I joined! We set the standards in the area that we play in and I’ve had many opportunities to be successful.

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