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From Adobe to Adobe: Gaurav Kumar’s Career Journey

May 11, 2020

Contributed by Gaurav Kumar, Senior Solution Consultant

I joined Adobe earlier this month, but this is my second term at Adobe. I wanted to reflect on why I re-joined a company after a 6 year gap, and why it has proven to be a great decision. Here are my key takeaways. 

1.    “Experience” in a True Sense and as a Core Value

While Adobe’s core values for our customers lie around creating the “business of experience,” the same can be said for employees as well. The exceptional experience is not only meant for customers but also for internal stakeholders too. Right from the interview process all the way to signing the offer, from onboarding to enablement, and even day-to-day work. Every single step has been an exceptional experience, and this core value is embedded in the DNA across the company.

2.    Relevance and Evolution of the Products

Adobe has been one of the most adaptable companies ever. This is because our products and business practices have tailored to where exactly the world is moving in. After I originally left Adobe, I couldn’t help but notice that there wasn’t a single day where I didn’t interact with Adobe products. I found Adobe in my work, discussions, conferences and more. This made me realize that if I truly wanted to make an impact in my career, I had to be part of Adobe! 

3.    We Walk the Talk

When someone asks about how Adobe helps companies with digital transformation and data driven customer experiences, the best case study we can talk about is Adobe itself. Adobe has not just helped clients but also transformed itself through its own products and practices. A lot of Adobe’s success is based on our robust processes to use our products at scale and use data intelligence to perform better business. We’ve reinvented ourselves numerous time. Let us show you how.

4.    Self-Scalable and Efficient Ecosystem for Growth

With enablement, trainings, tools and resources, I feel that I have everything I need to drive my career. The best part is that everything is automated and process driven, which enhances scalability and efficiency for skill development and execution. Adobe is one of the richest companies when it comes to knowledge processes and repositories.

5.    Community Driven

Lastly, there is a community perspective in everything we do. From enabling community around experience management to enabling communities with social impact initiatives. For example, new employees are given an incentive reward that they can give to any charity they’re passionate about. Not only that, there are always volunteer opportunities as well as 1:1 matching.

Since coming back to Adobe, I’ve had no regrets. It’s been a great ride so far and I am confident that it will be an exceptional ride going forward!

Originally posted on LinkedIn.