Here’s to good health

Surf, ski, or swim? With the Adobe wellness incentive, employees can take their pick.

At the end of the day, Adobe employees don’t just hit the gym to stay fit. We climb onto road bikes. Lace up our boxing gloves. Pick up the discus. Each year, Adobe provides a wellness incentive to support nearly any activity employees do to stay healthy.


Talent partner • Hong Kong, China

As a teenager, Nico was into extreme sports — skateboarding, bicycle motocross — whatever got the adrenaline going. So when snowboarding started to gain traction in China, it seemed like the perfect fit.

“I thought it would be like skateboarding,” Nico says. “But it was a totally different concept.” After his first try, he left frustrated and waited a year before he strapped on the boots again.

This time he hired a coach, and before long, he was doing jumps and tricks. “In every sport, you have fear in the beginning,” he says. “You want to stop, but you get used to the fear and it becomes a challenge to yourself.”

Now, Nico snowboards twice a week with friends or Adobe co-workers. He enjoys the freedom, the creativity, and the feeling of “flying.”

Adobe’s wellness incentive covers Nico’s lift passes and part of his lessons. Last year, he even applied the benefit to a gym membership. “You can use it for swimming, badminton — whatever sport you like,“ Nico says.

In the future, Nico plans to snowboard in Japan, and possibly Italy or Utah. He’s even eyeing a Red Bull downhill competition.

“It’s all about the challenge,” he says. “But once you master the board, it’s also great fun.”


Solution consulting manager • Paris, France

For one group of employees in Adobe’s Paris office, lunchtime often veers from the typical café fare. Sometimes it involves serves, volleys, and the occasional overhead lob.

Julien, a solutions consulting manager, makes a habit out of grabbing a co-worker and zipping through the streets of Paris to the local tennis club. “It’s a way for me to release and step away from my work for a bit. Tennis is a great escape for me,” he says.

For the last five years, Julien has used the Adobe wellness incentive — a benefit he says is uncommon in France — to pay for a portion of his annual tennis club membership. He encourages his co-workers to take advantage of it, too. “They use it for tennis, golf, and gym memberships,” he says. “I can really see a difference in people who make time for their personal life and health — especially if they do a sport.”

Julien grew up with tennis and hopes to keep it in the family. “My son is six years old, and he started taking tennis lessons two years ago. Being able to play with him is one of my motivations.”


Customer service and fraud prevention • Ottawa, Canada

A few years ago, Colette and her mom set off for a girls’ day at the spa. “I remember my mom looking forward to the massage because of the tension in her back,” she says.

“And then it hit me that I never have any tension.”

Colette credits her state of wellness to her boxing training. For six years, she’s been using the Adobe wellness incentive to fuel that passion. On Wednesdays, you can find her hustling between the speed bags and heavy bags, skipping and shadowboxing her way to well-being.

“It’s all about the stress relief and the endorphins,” Colette says. “I box on Wednesday nights, and I’m in a good mood all day on Thursdays.”

Seeing an improvement in her boxing is a big motivator for Colette. “When I first started, I liked that every week something got easier,” she says. “I remember the moment I could put on my hand wraps without looking at the diagram.”

Since then, Colette has advanced in her program from level one to level five, and she’s considering competing in the ring next. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is persistence. If you hit a wall, you step back and approach it from a different direction.”


Senior technical marketing manager • Basel, Switzerland

It doesn’t matter whether he’s in a parking lot in Las Vegas at 5:30 a.m. or on a running track in Hong Kong at 10 at night — Paolo doesn’t let his busy work schedule get in the way of his decathlon training.

“Sometimes I travel for my job, and when I do, I have to find odd places and times to work in my training,” Paolo says.

Paolo is an Italian national decathlon champion who has competed since he was 17, and he says mental toughness is just as critical to his success as training. His determination helped him to win a bronze medal in the 2003 European Cup in decathlon, and six Italian national championships. “Winning a championship is definitely something you enjoy immensely in the moment. And then, the feeling returns to you multiple times in your life.”

To keep improving his game, Paolo uses his Adobe wellness incentive for physiotherapy to do isometric stretching, a technique that improves his flexibility. He also says having a job he enjoys helps to support his sport.

“I am excited about what I do at Adobe,” Paolo says. “My job doesn’t take energy away from me. It actually gives me the energy I need to compete.”

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