Straight out of the gate

At Adobe, university grads are pushing what’s possible. Right from day one.

When grads leave their universities and hit the halls of Adobe, it’s hard not to notice. They’re passionate, driven, and ready to take on exciting and rewarding challenges. Whether they pitch new ideas or shape new technology, grads at Adobe are encouraged to make a big contribution.

Adobe offers grads competitive salaries, fantastic benefits, and — as one grad put it — the chance to impact the world.


Position: Member of technical staff • Bangalore, India

Area of study: Computer science and engineering at Indian Institute of Technology

Vineet always wanted to build game-changing technology. But the opportunity to do it came a lot sooner than he expected. As an Adobe intern, he and his team built dynamic new technology that predicts customer sentiment online. Just one year later, the technology is already part of Adobe® Social — and reaching millions of people. Now as a full-time employee, Vineet is tackling the new challenge of analyzing emotion from text. He says, “It’s completely nontraditional. The fact that we are initiators in this area motivates and excites me.”

Why Vineet loves working at Adobe: “I never wanted to work on something monotonous or things other people are doing. My ambition in coming to Adobe was to work on something totally new. In a short period of time at Adobe, you can see that the things you work on make an impact on the world.”

Cool fact: “We have fun and travel a lot. In my first year, I went to the United States twice.”


Position: Source code auditor • San Jose, California, USA

Area of study: Computer science at Brown University

When she thinks back on college, Molly jokes that she could be the only person on the planet who switched her major from Africana studies to computer science. “I love the analytical aspect of computer science. It’s a very empowering field, and you can do a lot with it professionally,” she says. Now as a source code auditor, Molly and her love of all things code are helping Adobe pioneer an entirely new arena that straddles legal and engineering. By providing higher quality checks on code, she and her team are breaking new ground in terms of how to license open source software. “I can see the impact of what I do on our team” she says. “It’s really cool as a recent grad to be a part of that.”

Why Molly loves working at Adobe: “I think Adobe is an awesome place to be working at right now. It’s changing so much and is opening new realms in terms of Creative Cloud™. Suddenly we have all these new positions and we’re doing great things with ‘big data,’ and so there’s massive opportunity here.”

Cool fact: “I work with everyone across the company, including the program managers of major Creative Cloud products. To have that communication with such influential people is exciting.”


Position: Account manager • Munich, Germany

Area of study: Intercultural management at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University

Not knowing what the day will bring might be challenging for some. For Fabian, it’s invigorating. He loves that his job brings new experiences with new customers and the chance to structure deals with people from many different countries. “I studied intercultural management, and it’s exciting to be able to use that in my work,” he says. Fabian joined Adobe as a student in a work-study program where he was able to sample different career paths and departments from marketing to public relations to sales. He eventually landed on sales because, as he says, “it never, ever gets boring. Every day is different.”

Why Fabian loves working at Adobe: “I get to talk to new people every day — and you can have your own style. There’s nobody telling you that you have to do it exactly like this. The same with your career — at Adobe, you can create your own path.”

Cool fact: “The culture is open and it’s very easy to build good relationships. We’re kind of like a family, which is really cool.”


Position: Quality engineering developer • Bucharest, Romania

Area of study: Computer science at Polytechnic University in Bucharest

Mihai always had a passion for computers. When he was a teenager, his developer friends would show him all the cool things they were doing, and he thought that he would one day do the same. But when university graduation rolled around, an Adobe talent partner suggested quality engineering — and Mihai found the perfect fit. “I really like the fact that I can still be involved in product development, but instead of writing code, I can find problems and help make it better.” What started off as an internship ended up as a full-time quality engineering position in the web platform group. He says, “With Adobe, it was love at first sight.”

Why Mihai loves working at Adobe: “I think it’s really, really awesome that the work I do helps us promote new standards for the web and all the major browsers. It makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger.”

Cool fact: “For me, the most important thing here is the people. There’s no big difference in how you approach people. I speak the same way to my teammates as I do to my manager’s manager.”


Position: Interaction Designer • Basel, Switzerland

Area of study: Computer Science at Costa Rica Institute of Technology and Master’s Degree in Computer Science at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland

Oscar always wanted to live in an international environment, so he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Europe. He would move from his home country, Costa Rica, to Lausanne, Switzerland to study Computer Science at one of the best engineering universities in the world.

In his last year at university, Oscar participated in a University forum designed to help students begin their professional careers. There, at the Adobe booth, he met two Adobe developers who convinced  him to apply for a job. “I worked for two years before beginning my Master’s degree, but never in an international, multicultural company like Adobe,” Oscar said. “I wanted to work with global teams and to learn from people who care as much about design interaction as I do.”

At Adobe, Oscar works on front-end framework, which unifies the entire user interface of the Adobe Marketing cloud. Thanks to Oscar and his team, Adobe’s customers enjoy a unified look and feel when using any one of the six Marketing Cloud solutions.

Why Oscar loves working at Adobe: “I love the variety of my work and the global environment. I get to work with teams all over the world.”

Cool fact: “At Adobe, interacting with colleagues from different teams is easy. Thanks to the game rooms that we have! Playing foosball and ping pong brings us together and creates an environment where we can get to know each other better.”

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