Summit Insider: Travis Wright on Marketing Technology Stacks, CMTOs, Awesomeization and Reinvention

Earlier today, we introduced this year’s Summit Insiders. Summit Insiders is a collection of marketing experts whom we’ve invited to join us on the ground at Summit to share their insights, observations and experience via social media, blogging and other digital outlets. We sat down with Travis Wright, one of our Insiders to talk about marketing, reinvention (the theme of this year’s Summit) and more. Here’s what Travis had to say:


Throughout your career you’ve had a great deal of diverse experience. How do you think this has helped you continuously reinvent yourself?
Reinvention is critical in this space. When I started in the mid-90s, I was selling yellow page ads with GTE, which later became Verizon. I learned early on that most businesses didn’t “get” the Internet yet. So, if you were in Kansas City and were a plumber, you’d better register or something similar. SEO was something I figured out intuitively before Google was even invented. I’ve always made a point of figuring out what is coming next and positioning myself in that sweet spot.

Then paid search came along with and Overture, and I needed to gain a grasp on this for my clients. So I kept learning and optimizing my knowledgebase. Social media came along in the early 2000s, and I even did a few marketing experiments on Friendster! Remember them? Then mobile marketing came along and now we have marketing technology stacks.

So, the theme of my reinvention is always looking forward, understanding where the market is heading, and gaining the necessary knowledge and skill sets to be effective in both the current landscape and the next frontier of marketing.

How do you see the digital marketing industry evolving in the next five years?
This is something that I’ve spent a wealth of time thinking about what’s coming in the next 3-5 year. In 2012, Gartner said, “The CMO is going to have larger budgets than I.T. moving forward in 2017.” Thus, I think the buzz phrase for 2015 and beyond is the “Marketing Technology Stack”. Some companies are getting it now, but I believe it will become more mainstream in the next 2-3 years.

If you’ve seen the Marketing Technology Landscape by Scott Brinker, you know that this is a crowded space. One that is inevitably confusing for many old-school marketers. So, I’ve positioned my company MediaThinkLabs as a Chief Marketing Technology Officer and consult with businesses on how they should arrange their marketing stack. What does the perfect marketing stack look like for your brand or your industry? This is what brand marketers should be considering today.

To start off any marketing stack, you should use some tag management solution – whatever you choose, you need to have a system in place to manage, deploy, and benefit from all of your marketing tags. It’s just too time consuming to place tags on 1000s of pages manually, and quite frankly there is no need to do that with enterprise level tools available.

Aside from the tag management subcategory of the marketing middleware category, you have infrastructure needs, marketing backbone platforms, marketing operations, marketing experiences, Internet, and cloud-based technologies to consider.

Being an enterprise marketer these days can be tough and confusing!

What skills do you think are going to be imperative for digital marketers to have in the future?
You have to become more data-driven. Gone are the days of fluff marketing. If you don’t know the numbers, and have metrics and analytics behind your efforts, then someone who does will soon be replacing you. This should frighten you into action. If not, enjoy retirement.

What is the best career advice you’ve received?
Never stop learning. In this industry, if I had stopped learning after college, I’d now be obsolete. In fact, I’d be as obsolete as that rotary home phone with the long cord that my mom would use to talk around the house. If you don’t continue learning in this marketing space… you are a rotary phone.

What’s one of the most common digital marketing challenges that you’re seeing from companies that you’re working with?
Optimizing optimization, or as I like to joke, “Awesomeization.” Getting a grasp on all of the data and metrics. How do you manage, own, collect, and act on all of your online, offline, and offsite data sources? What does it all mean? How can you learn more about your customers? How can you create context-aware content based on the visitors who come to your site? If you understand the marketing technology space, the answers are clear. If you do not… then you may need some help.

More about Travis Wright
Travis is a Venture Catalyst, Keynote Speaker, CMTO, Stand-Up Comic, Marketing Technology Entrepreneur, Data & Analytics Geek, Tech Journalist, and Growth Hacker. The former Global Social Media Strategist at Symantec, Wright has strategized marketing for hundreds of B2B & B2C business websites, from start-ups and mid-size businesses to Fortune 50 companies. With his consulting company, MediaThinkLabs, Wright travels throughout the country assisting company executives plan, optimize, integrate and execute successful digital media strategies. Wright’s tech podcast, Social Brands and Influencers, is hosted weekly on Technorati.

His blog is You can find him on Twitter @teedubya.

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Summit Insiders: Four people you should get to know before Adobe Summit


This is part one of a five part series introducing the Summit Insiders. Stay tuned this week as we share our Q&A with each of these marketers.

We believe Adobe Summit plays a big role in establishing the narrative and standard for marketers everywhere. That’s why each year we gather the industry’s top innovators, luminaries and experts in every discipline to discuss how marketers can take advantage of every opportunity. It is an experience to be shared and talked about — not just for those attending the event in-person, but all those in the marketing community. So, as an effort to help fuel the conversation as well as provide a second screen experience for those on the ground, three years ago we something called Summit Insiders.

Summit Insiders is a collection of marketing experts whom we invite to join us on the ground at Summit to share their insights, observations and experience via social media, blogging and other digital outlets. These industry mavens — all representing different marketing disciplines — are invited because of their industry expertise, strong voice, and ability to provide a unique brand of insight.

This year’s Insiders are:

Travis Wright
Travis is a Venture Catalyst, Keynote Speaker, CMTO, Stand-Up Comic, Marketing Technology Entrepreneur, Data & Analytics Geek, Tech Journalist, and Growth Hacker. The former Global Social Media Strategist at Symantec, Wright has strategized marketing for hundreds of B2B & B2C business websites, from start-ups and mid-size businesses to Fortune 50 companies. With his consulting company, MediaThinkLabs, Wright travels throughout the country assisting company executives plan, optimize, integrate and execute successful digital media strategies. Wright’s tech podcast, Social Brands and Influencers, is hosted weekly on Technorati.

His blog is You can find him on Twitter @teedubya.

Toby Bloomberg
Toby Bloomberg is recognized for her expertise in combining social media with traditional marketing values (strategy, customer insights, segmentation) while maintaining digital conversation authenticity.  Her adventures in social media began in 2004 with the launch of her award winning blog Diva Marketing. She has worked with Fortune 100 brands and small business in both B2B, B2C, as well as, nonprofits.  Most recently Toby held the position of director of social media integration for Cox Digital Media where she supported a portfolio of over 70 TV, radio and newspapers properties in using social media as a catalyst to build stronger brand-to-audience relationships.

You can follow Toby on Twitter at @TobyDiva, or read her blog at

Michele Kiss
Michele Kiss is a recognized digital analytics leader, with expertise ranging across web, mobile, marketing and social analytics. She is currently a Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, the leading global digital analytics consulting firm, responsible for their analysis and analyst mentoring practice. Michele is the winner of the Digital Analytics Association “Rising Star” award (2011) and “Practitioner of the Year” award (2013.) She is a frequent blogger, writer, podcast contributor and speaker.

You can read her thoughts at, or on Twitter as@michelejkiss.

Elisabeth Osmeloski
Elisabeth Osmeloski is Director of Audience Development for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, two of the leading trade publications in the digital marketing space. She is responsible for increasing readership through owned, earned and paid media channels. In addition, she assists in programming sessions at Third Door Media’s Search Marketing Expo conference series and manages speaking engagements for editorial staff.

Elisabeth is also co-founder and President of - Utah’s professional association for online marketers, dedicated to educating marketers on best practices for SEO, SEM, social media marketing and related disciplines, providing networking opportunities for digital marketers in Utah.

She holds a B.A. in Marketing from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She has nearly 15 years of agency and brand marketing/PR experience; her areas of expertise include adventure travel services, destination and tourism marketing, outdoor recreation and action sports, as well as luxury- and lifestyle-focused brands. She also spent several years as the Skiing Editor for, and still enjoys writing as an active travel journalist whenever possible.

You can follow Elisabeth on Twitter @elisabethos, and read her latest articles on

We sat down with each one of our Insiders to talk about marketing, reinvention (the theme of this year’s Summit) and more. Over the next couple of days, we’ll share hear what each Insider had to say, and invite you to get to know them a little bit better. In the meantime, all are worth following via social media and via their blogs.

Social Media Session Highlights

Social Marketing Sessions at Summit

Social media strategists and practitioners – hear directly from the social networks themselves on how to best take advantage of social ads. Learn best practices directly from Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare at Summit. Here are a few highlights:

Generating positive revenue results through social advertising and Twitter

Social advertising is poised to be an $11 billion channel by 2016, and social marketers are being asked to quantify the results of their programs. But how is it being defined? Is social advertising really that different from display or other paid media? Should it be? And then how should advertisers view its contribution to success? With rich context and sentiment targeting, along with streamlined network offerings aligned with attribution, optimization strategies, and deeper analytics, how are revenue-positive results gained? Hear directly from Twitter about its unique advantages in advertising that harness the vast social context for real business results.

Mobilizing trends in social advertising: Driving performance with social ads

Social advertising, in the broader context of other marketing investments, will be table-stakes for performance advertisers looking to harness the footprint and contextual relevance that social network and social data can provide. While we know that social advertising works best in concert with other media, we also know that many nuances and contextual insights for optimizing content and performance are unique to the channel.

Location is the new cookie: Utilizing Foursquare for real-time marketing

Just last year, doubters questioned Foursquare’s ability to turn its popularity into a viable business. But forget that. With more than 40 million users worldwide, 55 million venues in their database, and 4.5 billion data-rich check-ins, Foursquare is now sitting on a vast trove of valuable data that everyone, from big tech companies to merchants and advertisers, wants to utilize. Learn how your business can use this data to target and engage the right customers at the right time in real time.

Sessions are filling fast. Check out all the social marketing sessions and sign up for ones of interest now by logging into the Session Catalog.

Early-Bird Discount Extended to March 14 for Adobe Summit EMEA: The Digital Marketing Conference

Adobe Summit EMEA early bird extended!With just two months left before Europe’s largest digital marketing conference hits London, we’ve decided to extend the Early-Bird Registration discount to Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 (May 14-15 at ICC ExCel) for another two weeks!

Now until March 14, marketers can take advantage of a special £575/€685 early-bird offer on a full, two-day conference registration, saving you £150/€180 or 20%. Special discounts between 25-40% are also available for groups—see our Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 page for more.

Today, we’re also announcing the addition of a new “Digital Marketing Operations” track to our 2014 conference line-up. As your organisation evolves on its digital marketing journey, you will need to employ increasingly complete strategies and processes that touch every part of your business. This means the new marketer now more than ever will have to work closer with other departments and have a fuller appreciation of issues in legal, operations and IT. In the Digital Marketing Operations track, you will learn from Adobe experts and customer thought leaders as they share their marketing operations strategies and techniques.

Summit EMEA 2014 will assemble thousands of marketers and advertisers to discover best practices around marketing analytics, media optimisation, social marketing, and audience targeting. Keynote and inspirational speakers will examine the latest trends impacting marketers today, as well as the evolution of the digital marketing landscape and its role in our world.

Check out the full list of keynote speakers and stay connected to all the need-to-know details through our channels below.

Do you now what your marketing is doing? Don’t worry. Adobe can help. @MarkPhibbs

Stay Connected – Summit 2014 Social Media Channels

The Bar is Set High with Summit 2014 Speakers


Every conference website says, ‘This is the year you won’t want to miss!’ Perhaps true for them…but with the speakers at this year’s Summit… Is “prepare to be enraptured” too much hyperbole?

Our stellar lineup of guest speakers includes business leaders on the edge of what’s hot now, an athlete who’s star is high in the sky, and artists and actors who all truly represent and inspire this year’s core theme: reinvention.

Kicking things off in the opening general session The Revolution of Marketing on Tuesday, March 25 will be Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and GM & SVP Brad Rencher. They will be on stage with Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter, Julie Bornstein of Sephora and Brad Brown of REI.

Action-packed day two of Summit starts with The Reinvention of Marketers. Led by Adobe VP of Strategy and Digital Marketing John Mellor, this session is all about how marketers can reinvent themselves for the digital age. It’s sure to motivate when Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman and iconic actor, director and Sundance founder Robert Redford take the stage.

Sessions close with the always-anticipated Summit Sneak Peek – where you’ll get early looks at pre-release Adobe tech innovations, and a few chuckles thrown in from host Eric Stonestreet of the hit TV show Modern Family. And wrapping up day two day is our Summit Bash. Rock the day away with a lineup of bands.

Here are the specific dates and times of the general sessions so you don’t miss out:

Tuesday, March 25

Wednesday, March 26

Note: All times in Mountain Time.

Summit EMEA 2014: The Digital Marketing Conference—Secure Your Spot!

Adobe Summit EMEAMarketers today are facing more pressure than ever before. Digital media has completely reinvented the ways in which consumers engage with brands, seek information, and ultimately make their buying decisions—in turn forcing marketers to entirely transform the ways in which they plan, execute and track their marketing campaigns.

And research shows digital marketers are hungry—hungry for more education, knowledge-sharing and inspiration around the latest marketing strategies. As pressure increases to prove ROI on marketing spend, the lack of formal digital marketing training is starting to take a toll.

Adobe Summit EMEA, Europe’s premiere digital marketing conference, aims to target exactly these needs, and the conference’s year-over-year double-digit growth in attendance is a clear indicator that the digital marketing community continues to yearn for more.

I’m excited to announce that Summit EMEA 2014 has launched—and now is the time to secure your spot among thousands of marketers and advertisers to discover best practices around marketing analytics, media optimization, social marketing, cross-channel campaign management, audience targeting, and more. Attendees to the two-day event at the ICC ExCEL in London, May 14-15, will benefit from an impressive lineup of industry luminaries, partners, analysts and keynote speakers including Jez Frampton, group CEO of Interbrand; Pete Blackshaw, global head of digital marketing and social media for Nestlé; Dietmar Dahmen, chief innovation officer of; Catherine Barba, founder of the CB Group; Kam Star, chief play officer of PlayGen; David Cooperstein, VP, research director of Forrester; David Cox, chief medical officer of Headspace; David Edelman, principal at McKinsey & Company; Ann Lewnes, CMO of Adobe; and Brad Rencher, SVP and GM of Digital Marketing for Adobe—just to name a few!

Attendees will also benefit from immersion in more than 80 breakout sessions on “must have” digital marketing skills, industry trends, and driving business results—as well as hands-on workshops offered by Adobe Training Services (pre-conference) that will provide detailed training on specified Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

Special early bird pricing, ending March 2, is available and will save you £150/€180 on a full price 2-day conference registration. Special team and group offers are also available; see our Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 page.

We’ll be sharing more updates and information about Adobe Summit EMEA over the coming weeks here and on our Digital Europe blog, so be sure to check both out for the latest on Adobe Summit.

Take a look. Do you know what your marketing is out there doing? Sign up for Summit EMEA today.


Everything You Need to Know About Digital Experience Management

This year’s Summit will feature the largest Digital Experience Management (DEM) track to date with a total of 19 sessions focused on web experience management, digital asset management, social communities and experience-driven commerce. Here are just some of the session highlights:

Don’t miss out on learning the latest techniques to maximize your Adobe Experience Manager investments from Adobe experts and industry peers. Register if you haven’t already and/or be sure to work in these sessions into your Summit scheduler.


Speakers and Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

#AdobeSummit 2014

Regardless of which type of marketer you are – search, social or analyst – there are a slew of sessions for you at Summit this year. Below are a few not-to-miss speakers and sessions:

Digital Advertising
How search is influencing online advertising Steve Gibson of The Garage Team Mazda and other panelists
Personalization & Optimization
Transform your digital strategy with always-on optimization Sai Koppaka of Sears Holdings Corporate
Web Experience Management
Managing your business in the cloud: Top 5 considerations Patrick Virnich of Covidien and other panelists
Best practices for migrating from a legacy content management system Peter Francis of T-Mobile
Cross-channel Campaign Management
Paid, earned and owned is dead: How to make marketing work in the age of the customer Nate Elliott of Forrester
Scoring the marketing touchdown at the NFL Aidan Lyons of NFL
High stakes bet: How The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is building loyalty Brian Gress of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Social Marketing
Social ROI all-star panel: Harness social data like the pros Tamar Rimmon of Conde Nast and other panelists

Confirmed to attend Summit? Be sure to sign up for sessions of interest before they fill up!

Are you part of the 82% without formal training?


Given how quickly marketing is changing, the stat above, when we shared our Digital Distress study, didn’t faze us marketers. I’ll even go on record to say “yes, I’m a part of the 82%.” It’s not something we should either feel bad about or be proud of – it’s simply the state of the industry. However, the lack of formal training doesn’t need to be an accepted norm, especially as digital marketing matures. Or perhaps the better way to put it is that there is method to the digital marketing madness. It’s not all trial and error. We can learn how to do it better.

There are a number of sessions, not to mention hands-on labs, in our Summit agenda, for every digital marketer. Here are a few highlights:

Marketing Analytics

Cross-channel Campaign Management

Web Experience Management

 Digital Advertising

Targeting & Optimization

Social Marketing

And don’t forget, we have deep-dive training for Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Check out our preconference training sessions.