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CS6 Production Premium – Revealed

Wow.  What a year.  All I can say it has been an absolute BLAST putting together Ae CS 6 with the team in Seattle, as well as working with the rest of the whole Professional Video crew here at Adobe.  After Effects CS 6 (along with the rest of Production Premium) is huge, dramatically different and to me – insanely cool.  Here’s the link with more detail:

This is just a start.  NAB starts soon and over the next week you are going to get a ton more detail on everything thats coming.  In the meantime – check out the intro videos as well as the ‘What’s Inside’ links in the right hand column on the CS 6 reveal page.

Personally, this past year has been killer rewarding.  I get to work with fantastic folks all over the planet, and the end result… you finally get to see NOW.


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Hi Steve, any word on the legal/pricing status of Render Engines in AE CS6?

[Blog post coming soon – in short – it’s fixed with a couple of caveats and things are returning to as it previously was before CS5.5. -S]

Steve, Congratulations!

President Disk Caching makes a hudge difference. I have a feeling is an evolution of Nucleo. And you fathered Nucleo…

So, form all AE users who know how cool en efficient Nucleo was: Thank you!

Have a great NAB, sorry to miss it.

$2,500 for a Fusion I/O SSD… OK, neato for super high-end systems. But you can also get a very significant performance increase for *any* Adobe application with Crucial Adrenaline SSD + Dataplex Cache Software.

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