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Revealed: The next version of After Effects

This year marks my 12th NAB. One thing that makes this time of year completely cool – it’s like new years eve for the production industry. I’ve been around for a few of these now – and I must say that this one is by far one of my favorite. This year we are doing a huge sneak peek and revealing what’s coming to the next versions of the Adobe professional video and audio tools.

After Effects CS6 was a gargantuan release. The 3D Camera Tracker brought complex camera tracking to everyone, and the global performance cache brought performance improvements where it mattered most – previews. We knew going into this next release that topping it would not be for the faint at heart.

I can say with complete confidence that not only did we top it with what’s coming to the next version of After Effects – we set a new standard I don’t know that we can match again – EVER. We listened to you intently and redesigned stabilization with the Warp Stabilizer VFX. We delivered a completely revamped approach to the previously mind-numbing task of rotoscoping, and made it not just fun to do, but made the technique work on footage that is just frankly ‘un-roto-able’. Look for the Refine Edge tool to see what I mean.

To top it, we saw that After Effects artists work with Cinema 4D as passionately as they do with After Effects. We looked at current workflows with our friends at Maxon and decided to integrate After Effects and Cinema 4D in a completely new way. I think the workflow advantages are not just dramatic, but completely empowering. Think 600 creative decisions in the new way of integration with no penalty – vs. 10 with the current workflow today.

Although the next version of After Effects isn’t available now, we’re offering a NAB Show special to get 40% off your first year of Adobe Creative Cloud membership (only $29.99/month), and you’ll automatically get these new features as soon as they are available.  You can check out upcoming top features coming to the next versions here.

Overall – I am extremely proud of this next release, and can’t wait to hear from you what you think. Happy NAB folks.


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wo. can’t wait. :)

Has there been any discussion on making After Effects compatible with Canon’s MXF files ?? Specifically the XF100 and 300 series.

    This worked in After Effects CS5.5, and then broke in CS6. We’ve fixed this in the next version.

      Words, hand gestures, or body language cannot describe how much that makes me happy.

Looking awesome! C4D looks fantastic

But I have to say… The one thing I and most people were looking int he forums for is freaking Folder collapsing and some form of Node based Effects management… even so you can link 1 effects to many layers – so many times this has been asked for and ignored. Not looking for nuke here, just the abilty to link and test effects withought having to change sometimes hundreds of layers effects!

This obvious, but really hard to implement idea of integrating 3d and compositing that we dreamed of for so long) Thank you, especially Maxon)

Could someone please clear up who exactly is eligible for the NAB Adobe Cloud subscription promotion? I’m on the phone with Adobe support, and the sales guy seems to think that only NAB attendees are eligible for this special.

    Just order from, not through the call center.

      Thanks Todd, we had a question from a reader – can the promo be added to an existing membership?

        I don’t think so.

    I just clicked on the link and it worked.

when will this be available to consumers?

Hi Todd

Is this update to the Creative Suite CS6.5, CS7, or a large rolling update to CS6? “Next version” seems cryptically vague. Any hint at all on the timescale? Days, weeks, months…?

This update looks amazing, but not knowing WHEN is the thing that’s killing me?

Love the announcement – posted a thank you on a previous entry.

One question about the future of After Effects: is there any plan to support the OpenFX format?


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