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SNL and CS 6

Oh blog – how I have ignored thee.  Been slammed over the fall with some exciting new stuff that I can’t share right now – but suffice to say, me poor blog was feeling a little attention starved.

Well, to start my salvation – thought I would post about this cool article over at studio daily.  Short story – HEAVY Ae workflow that switched over to Pr from Final Cut.  Cool stuff.


Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) Compatibility

Mountain Lion has been released and many like myself will be doing the upgrade.  We haven’t found any major issues, but have provided this FAQ:


A User group near you…

Just a quick note that we will be showing off Ae and Pr CS6 at user groups in both NYC and LA over the next month.

Los Angeles – May 15th:

NYC  – May 31st:

Please come up and say hello if you can make it to one of these events!


CS6 – Just getting started..

This year marked my 11th NAB (thats enough trips to Vegas for 11 lifetimes ;)), and OMG – wow.  We had so many folks at the Adobe booth, NAB officials had to ask us to disperse the crowd due to fire regulations. Interesting problem to solve!

All in all though – I couldn’t have been happier with the response to Ae CS6 along with Pr and the rest of Production Premium CS6.  Listening to professionals and building software that meets their needs is paramount, and I’m ecstatic that this approach has been validated a million times over with CS6.

To that end – I’m also SUPER excited to be a part of an announcement tomorrow (Monday, April 23rd) around CS6 and Creative Cloud.  Here’s the link:

Hint: There’s lots of cool stuff – BUT – there is a jaw dropper I can’t wait to see what people think.


CS6 Production Premium – Revealed

Wow.  What a year.  All I can say it has been an absolute BLAST putting together Ae CS 6 with the team in Seattle, as well as working with the rest of the whole Professional Video crew here at Adobe.  After Effects CS 6 (along with the rest of Production Premium) is huge, dramatically different and to me – insanely cool.  Here’s the link with more detail:

This is just a start.  NAB starts soon and over the next week you are going to get a ton more detail on everything thats coming.  In the meantime – check out the intro videos as well as the ‘What’s Inside’ links in the right hand column on the CS 6 reveal page.

Personally, this past year has been killer rewarding.  I get to work with fantastic folks all over the planet, and the end result… you finally get to see NOW.


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