Using platformsdk for iOS on Windows

With AIR 3.3, it is possible to use platformsdk switch for iOS on a Windows machine too. For using this feature, one needs to copy the desired iOS SDK (iPhoneOS.x.y.sdk) on their Windows machine and use the platformsdk switch of the ADT:

adt -package 
   -target (ipa-test|ipa-test-interpreter|ipa-debug|
   -provisioning-profile <path to .mobileprovision>
   <output IPA file> 
   <application.xml> <SWF> <assets> -extdir <path to extensions folder>
   -platformsdk <path to the iOS SDK folder>

Now, this seems fairly simple, the only difficulty which may arise is while copying the SDK from Mac to Windows machine(as symbolic links are present on Mac, which need to be copied as actual files on Windows, else packaging would fail).

The following ways of copying the SDK are recommended to preserve the symlinks:

1) Compress the iOS SDK using “zip -r” on the terminal and copy it using  “cp -R”. Extract on the Windows machine.

2) Copy the dmg on a Windows machine and extract it to get the iOS SDK.

Currently, platformsdk can’t be used for iOS in Flash Builder on Windows.

12 Responses to Using platformsdk for iOS on Windows

  1. Alexander says:

    ADT tool from AIR SDK 3.3 beta 3 ( for Windows rejects -platformsdk option for *.ipa packaging. It says “-platformsdk option for IPA targets is supported only on Mac OS X”. Is it changed in upcoming versions of AIR SDK 3.3?

  2. Alexander says:

    Sorry, my mistake. ADT from AIR SDK 3.2 rejects -platformsdk option, but from AIR SDK 3.3 – accepts.

  3. Smasher says:

    Could someone please upload a working zip-file. I have no Mac-OS. An extract from the Xcode dmg-archive did not work.

  4. Alberto Lopez says:

    Hello, this ios SDK (iPhoneOS.x.y.sdk) works for the ipad too or there is a specific sdk for the ipad?

  5. Had to do this again for iOS6 but zipping didn’t seem to transfer the symlinks correctly. I had more luck using tar instead (tar -hcf iOS6.tar iPhoneOS6.0.sdk) on a Mac then copying and unpacking in Windows. You end up with two copies of all the symlinked files but no biggie.

    Alberto – iPhoneOS.x.y.sdk is for everything; iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

  6. Hi,
    In Flash Builder 4.7, will it be possible to build with iOS native extensions on windows?

    • neha says:

      Hi Barry,

      Even in FB 4.6, you can build with native extensions on windows. Only the support for using platformsdk switch was not present on Windows in FB 4.6 and of course, a native ios static library cannot be developed on Windows.