Before You Upgrade to Creative Cloud 2015

Creative Cloud 2015 has been released, and you’re probably anxious to click the Update button on your CC desktop app. Here are a few things you should know before you do:

Creative Cloud App VersionsCC 2015 is a major version upgrade not a minor version update. This means CC 2015 apps are completely new standalone versions of your favorite software. This is the third major version release since the official introduction of Creative Cloud.

CC 2015 apps can coexist with their previous versions, except for Acrobat & Muse. If you’re currently using plugins for certain Adobe apps, you may wish to retain the previous version until the plugin has been updated for CC 2015. (IT may also wish to test CC 2015 before releasing into production environments).

NOTE – CC 2015 removes previous versions by default. (Based on customer feedback this is a change from the CC 2014 release last year)

Wait, I know what your asking.

“What if I don’t want to remove previous versions?”

Advanced Options for CC UpdatesWhen clicking the Update button for the first time, you will have an chance to modify settings under Advanced Options. Simply uncheck the option “Remove old versions” to retain the previous version of an app. Don’t worry if you missed this and upgraded your apps. You can always reinstall an older version if necessary.

NOTE – If you are a DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) customer, you may want to keep InDesign CC 2014 while looking at updating your existing digital apps.

10 Responses to Before You Upgrade to Creative Cloud 2015

  1. Zach says:

    Thanks A.J.

    When adding NEW users to my team, will they be able to download prior version CC2014 versions, in order to have version standardizations until all are ready to move to 2015?

  2. Jyotinder Singh says:

    Will it also import all the plugins too, or would they have to be reinstalled?

    • A.J. Wood says:

      Jyotinder – as this is a major version upgrade I would expect to reinstall your plugins.
      1. Make a backup copy of your plugins.
      2. Check compatibility with CC 2015 apps.
      3. Reinstall apps using third-party’s plugin installer.
      It is possible to run CC 2014 apps side-by-side the newer CC 2015 apps. If a plugin is a large part of your workflow, I would hold on to the previous app until you know the plugin has been updated.

  3. Harry P says:

    Hi guys, I’ve been past that menu displayed when you click update for the first time. I didn’t go into advanced options and modify. I’ve since canclled the install, and now am looking for how to tell it to keep the old version.

    So, how do we opt to keep our old installations if we haven’t gone into advanced options the first time we click update?

    • A.J. Wood says:

      The option shows for apps that are prompted with “Update”. If you’ve passed that point, you can always reinstall previous versions by looking in the Find Additional Apps section. I’ll have a new post up tomorrow detailing how to do just that.

  4. Dan says:

    I’m installing the latest 2015 versions of P’shop, Indesign, Illustrator and Acrobat. I’m currently a Creative Cloud customer paying $29.99 AUD / mth and the new installs are telling me I have to ‘trial’ them and now ‘Buy’.

    As I am a subscriber, would this update roll not into the monthly subscription fee?

    Cheers Dan

    • A.J. Wood says:

      Dan – yes, if you are a current CC subscriber than all updates AND upgrades are included with no additional charges. If you’re seeing trial/buy options in the Creative Cloud Desktop App, I would try a few things:
      1. Log out of the Creative Cloud Desktop App, and log back in.
      2. Check the version of the Creative Cloud Desktop App (click the gear icon to open preferences), and update the app itself if necessary. You can find the release notes online
      3. Check your subscription to be sure your entitled to the apps you want to download. (I assume you have a full CC subscription, but just in case).

  5. Caroline says:

    Hi, I’ve got CS6 verisons of photoshop and indesign installed on my computer. I’m seeing the update to CC 2015 and am a little confused as to what would happen as you need to be subscribed to CC.

    • A.J. Wood says:

      Caroline – where are you seeing the updates? If you have the Creative Cloud Desktop App then most likely you are a CC subscriber.

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