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Photoshop #AdobeMAX Sessions Now Available

Good morning! It was a whirlwind of activity last week at #AdobeMAX and I’m still trying to process everything I witnessed. As an attendee I hope you left feeling as excited & inspired as I did. This year I was fortunate enough to deliver two presentations during the conference. I’m happy to share S5085 – Photoshop CC Productivity Tips and S5086 – Photoshop CC Beginners Roadmap which you can view online.

As mentioned in the session I will be posting additional materials here on the blog this week.

How to Reinstall Previous Versions of Creative Cloud Apps

I recently received this question after a customer installed CC 2015, and unintentionally removed their CC 2014 apps.

“How do I reinstall previous versions of my Creative Cloud apps? They don’t show up in the Previous Versions section of the Apps tab. I also filtered the Find Additional Apps section to show all apps and I don’t see them. Where did they go?”

First, I should point out that the Latest Versions & Previous Versions sections within the Apps tab show what’s currently installed on your machine.

Find previous versions of Creative Cloud apps by filtering menu.

Find previous versions of Creative Cloud apps under the filter menu.

To install previous versions of Creative Cloud apps, you’ll start by going to the Find Additional Apps section of the Apps tab within the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Select the filter menu, and change the All Apps setting to View Previous Versions as shown in the image above.

You will see previous versions listed when clicking the install button.

You will see previous versions listed when clicking the install button.

Once the filter has been set, you will see a list of Creative Cloud apps. Clicking the install button will reveal the versions list, and you can reinstall any previous app version available.

Before You Upgrade to Creative Cloud 2015

Creative Cloud 2015 has been released, and you’re probably anxious to click the Update button on your CC desktop app. Here are a few things you should know before you do:

Creative Cloud App VersionsCC 2015 is a major version upgrade not a minor version update. This means CC 2015 apps are completely new standalone versions of your favorite software. This is the third major version release since the official introduction of Creative Cloud.

CC 2015 apps can coexist with their previous versions, except for Acrobat & Muse. If you’re currently using plugins for certain Adobe apps, you may wish to retain the previous version until the plugin has been updated for CC 2015. (IT may also wish to test CC 2015 before releasing into production environments).

NOTE – CC 2015 removes previous versions by default. (Based on customer feedback this is a change from the CC 2014 release last year)

Wait, I know what your asking.

“What if I don’t want to remove previous versions?”

Advanced Options for CC UpdatesWhen clicking the Update button for the first time, you will have an chance to modify settings under Advanced Options. Simply uncheck the option “Remove old versions” to retain the previous version of an app. Don’t worry if you missed this and upgraded your apps. You can always reinstall an older version if necessary.

NOTE – If you are a DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) customer, you may want to keep InDesign CC 2014 while looking at updating your existing digital apps.

Happy 25th Birthday Photoshop! Let’s Get Mobile!

My favorite Adobe app, Photoshop, is 25 years strong today. The landscape for creatives has changed dramatically over the years. It’s not just about powerful desktop computing options anymore. Generation C has the expectation that they can work from anywhere at anytime. With that in mind, here are some Creative Cloud options for image editing on the go:

Photoshop Express – one of the first mobile versions available on the iPhone, Photoshop Express has a combination of quick “looks” and editing controls to tweak those Instagram photos before you post.

Photoshop Touch – I wrote an article on Photoshop Touch when it was first released. A good set of selection tools, layer editing, and effects will help you create design comps on the go.

Photoshop Touch for iPhone – this friendlier version for small screens makes for anyone not using a phablet.

Photoshop Mix – an easier way to creatively composite using the power of Creative Cloud. A simpler streamlined approach to images when compared to Photoshop Touch, Mix leverages cloud services to do the heavy graphic lifting.

Photoshop Sketch – for the doodler in all of us, with the power to push your creative potential. Sketch works with Adobe Brush, and integrates with Behance.

Aviary Photo Editor – now part of the Adobe family, this all around editor includes “looks”, stickers, and other fun items to add to your images.