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Happy 25th Birthday Photoshop! Let’s Get Mobile!

My favorite Adobe app, Photoshop, is 25 years strong today. The landscape for creatives has changed dramatically over the years. It’s not just about powerful desktop computing options anymore. Generation C has the expectation that they can work from anywhere at anytime. With that in mind, here are some Creative Cloud options for image editing on the go:

Photoshop Express – one of the first mobile versions available on the iPhone, Photoshop Express has a combination of quick “looks” and editing controls to tweak those Instagram photos before you post.

Photoshop Touch – I wrote an article on Photoshop Touch when it was first released. A good set of selection tools, layer editing, and effects will help you create design comps on the go.

Photoshop Touch for iPhone – this friendlier version for small screens makes for anyone not using a phablet.

Photoshop Mix – an easier way to creatively composite using the power of Creative Cloud. A simpler streamlined approach to images when compared to Photoshop Touch, Mix leverages cloud services to do the heavy graphic lifting.

Photoshop Sketch – for the doodler in all of us, with the power to push your creative potential. Sketch works with Adobe Brush, and integrates with Behance.

Aviary Photo Editor – now part of the Adobe family, this all around editor includes “looks”, stickers, and other fun items to add to your images.