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Flash Access powers the first-ever UltraViolet release by Warner Bros

This week marks a major milestone in the development of UltraViolet, the cloud-based system for delivering premium video across multiple devices and platforms. Earlier this week, Warner Bros released the first-ever UltraViolet title — protected with Flash Access and playing on a Flash-based app powered by AIR.

To put this in a historical context, a lot of work from many companies went into making this possible. Adobe is a founding member company of DECE, or Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, an industry consortium representing more than 75 leaders from the content, consumer electronics and technology worlds including Microsoft, Intel, Netflix, VUDU, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Comcast, Best Buy and others. Almost 2 years ago, we announced that DECE had adopted Flash Access as one of the approved content protection solutions for the emerging format and system for premium video. A bit later, the consumer site was launched under the brand name UltraViolet. And then at the beginning of this year UltraViolet was declared “open for business”. Rolling thunder, but still no content.

This all changed with the release earlier this week of “Horrible Bosses” and “Green Lantern”, available today on Blu-ray and DVD. In addition to playing the disc at home, consumers will now have the ability to access the movie digitally from the cloud. More titles from Warner Bros and other studios will be coming soon. This is made possible through the groundbreaking Flixster Collections app, which helps users manage and view their video collections whether it’s files on their hard drive, UV rights in the cloud, or titles watched on multiple streaming services. This Flash based app is delivered as an AIR app, allowing for multi-platform portability. And now it can also stream Flash Access protected UltraViolet content to Flash runtimes, the number one platform for premium video online.

Fortunately, this is only the beginning for Warner Bros and for the industry. In the past month, Adobe has released Flash Access 3.0, Flash Player 11 and AIR 3, which together enable the creation of UltraViolet-compatible apps and websites, including distribution of content in the UVVU Common File Format to desktop, mobile and TV devices. Expect to hear much more about UltraViolet as the Hollywood marketing machine kicks into high gear and the broader ecosystem of retailers, service providers, device manufacturers and content owners continues to roll out innovative solutions around this new format.

Florian Pestoni