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Behind the Project: A More Playful Packaging

In this series, we’ll look deeper into some of the projects on that were especially admired in our community. Steve Simpson is a Dublin, Ireland based illustrator. His projects have ranged from an award –winning projects based on sign language to a children’s book. We spoke with him about his recent project, Illustrated Barcodes, a playful take on a portion of product design most take for granted. 

What was your inspiration for this project?
A few years ago, I was given the chance to design and illustrate a packaging project for an Irish hot sauce company, Mic’s Chilli. I’ve done some graphic design, but I’d primarily been working as an illustrator; to me the 2 disciplines were quite different. So, I decided to treat the design as one big illustration.
By looking at the project from a slightly different angle, I was able to question things I’d previously taken for granted—namely the humble bar code. Did it need to be so ugly? What could I do to make it blend more with the rest of the packaging? I searched the web for answers and rules and was surprised to find very little information on what you could do and what you couldn’t. For the most part it’s been about experimenting and it’s surprising just how far away from the white box, black sticks and digital type face I’ve come.


By looking at the project from a slightly different angle, I was able to question things I’d previously taken for granted—namely the humble bar code. Did it need to be so ugly?


Can you describe your process in creating this project?
I had collated all the illustrated barcodes from a variety of projects to show as examples to a new client. I hadn’t initially planned on putting them up on Behance but the thought occurred to me that it would be handy to have them all in one place. Continue reading…

Portfolio Review Week #4 is coming….sneak peek!

If you’ve been a Portfolio Review Week host before, you know that one of the best moments is receiving your package of swag, filled with custom branded materials like posters, handbook, nametags, stickers, and the coveted “Appreciation Coin,” all sent to help you host a great event.

Portfolio Review Week #4 is upcoming this November (dates coming soon), and our design team is in the midst of updating all the materials that will be sent out in packages this fall.

Here’s a sneak peek into our prep for PRW #4 and what some of the materials will look like!

Get up to speed on Behance Portfolio Reviews before this next one here: Behance Portfolio Review Week.

A look at the next version of the “Appreciation Coin”…only on paper for now!

Raewyn, Behance’s Communication Designer, hard at work on the new materials

Continue reading…

Behance Testimonials- Stephanie Bullock & Trina D. Lambert

Stephanie Bullock (

“Netflix contacted me about a design position in California.  At first, I thought the message was spam, but curiosity got the best of me and I received a message back within hours!  Behance has the power to elevate you to a level you didn’t even think you were ready to play on.  Thank you, Behance Crew!”

Most Appreciated Projects: Monthly Roundup

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network, so that the best projects gain the most exposure. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this month:

Artful package designs for Chinese tea, mooncake and gifts by Print Designer Ken Lo. Check out the full project and more of his packaging explorations here.

Illustrations and an infograph by  Romualdo Faura for The Outpost’s 2nd issue. See the full project here.

App Update: Creative Portfolio App now in 9 additional Languages!

The Creative Portfolio App is now fully integrated and functional in 9 additional languages: Spanish, French, Russian, German, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Portugueses, and Japanese.

We’re very excited to finally be able to recognize the global nature of our community with this update. Even more good news: the app automatically detects the language preferences of your iOS, making it even easier to sync your portfolio, access it offline, as well as customize your portfolio’s display.