Behance Testimonials- Kristen Baird

Kristen Baird is a talented, young jewelry designer based out of Savannah, Georgia and an active Behance and ProSite user. Her artist statement reads:

“As an artist, I design my jewelry to be elegant with a touch of personality and whimsy. I strive to create sculptural pieces that are unique in both form and concept. I enjoy using gold and sterling silver with gemstones and glass for added splashes of color. When worn, I want my jewelry to create an interaction between the wearer and the viewer. Most importantly, my goal is to deliver technically sound, highly crafted jewelry that is beautiful and timeless.” 

Recently, we reached out to her about her experience with Behance and how it has impacted her creative career.

“When I started searching for ways to begin building a web presence and showing my jewelry, I had no idea where to start. Fortunately, a friend recommended Behance. It was love at first sight! The clear navigation and easy customization were perfect for me, a girl who specializes in fine jewelry not graphic or web design. I was able to create my profile with a major emphasis on the crisp, clean photos of my jewelry (and let the photos do the talking!).  
Since then, I have been directing potential clients, friends, and fellow creatives to Behance to see my work and leave feedback. Little did I know that my Behance profile would recieve as much attention as it has. My work has been featured on Student Show and SCAD Portfolio. I have also received several job offers, multiple requests for custom jewelry pieces, and even invitations to various jewelry exhibitions in the United States and abroad. It’s easy to see that my involvement with Behance has been positive and beneficial. I can’t say thank you enough to Behance and my fellow creatives! It’s been a great journey so far with many exciting things in development for the future!”

Visit Kristen on the web at or and follow her on Behance at


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