Behance Success Stories: Michael Robertson

Here in New York, the Behance team is just getting back from Thanksgiving. We had a ton to be thankful for this year and it’s always great to hear success stories from our members.

Michael Robertson is the Director of Toon53 Productions in Johannesburg, South Africa where he collaborates with illustrators Kenneth Doust and Dean Ira. In August, one of the team’s projects, ‘The Weird World of Nox and Harper’ was featured on Motion Graphics served. For Toon53, it was a big moment to say the least.

“I joined Behance in 2009 – at the time I was joining as many sites as possible for exposure – uploaded a few old works and didn’t really do much for a good few years.  Fast forward around 3 and a half years to a few weeks ago when I decided to update my portfolio start applying to different jobs around the world on Behance and WOW is all I can say.  We’re based in sunny South Africa and are currently working for a company in Moscow, another in the US, one in Dubai and a handful here locally all thanks to Behance!!


“I’m not sure if I am happy or upset with the large amount of work coming our way thanks to Behance! In the past two months after I decided to actually use Behance, my company Toon53 Productions ( has received more work than we have for the 12 months combined.

“We’re working on an international music video, an online platform game, an iPad animation App and two corporate videos all thanks to this site.  I haven’t seen these kinds of results from any other site and I’m everywhere if you Google ‘Michael Robertson Toon53.’

We’re always looking for great stories. If you’ve had success with Behance, let us know at

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